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Things I Love


Kitchen Printables, so charming.


Peg Dolls, I need to make some of these.

Peg doll

Fiori di Sicila, Have you ever baked with Fiori di Sicilia (or “Flowers of Sicily”)? It is a floral vanilla-citrus extract used in Panettone. But I love it in my french toast, chocolate mousse, sprinkled on fresh fruit. Here is a homemade version. Check it out.


Growing Rose Cuttings in Potatoes, I have not tried this but am going to try.

Rose potatoe

My new favorite cooking blog, Thyme, image at top!!!


 The Movie Departures

"When his orchestra disbands, Daigo Kobayashi (Masahiro Motoki) decides to start over and moves back to his small hometown. Desperate for work, he secretly takes a job as a “Nokanshi,” a funeral professional who prepares the deceased for burial and entrance into the next life. But while working with the families of the departed, Daigo embarks on a spiritual journey of his own as he finally experiences the joy and wonder of living."

Thanks to Angie I found out about this heartbakingly beautiful movie. I was a bit squimish when I found out it was about a man who prepares the deceased for burial but I am so glad I watched. It was not gross, it was hearfelf and funny. My entire family loved it. Thank you Angie for recomending it.

It is on netflix instant watch and youtube


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Children of Eve

Departures is one of my all time favorite movies. I am always recommending it to friends, but sadly no takers yet. great to see there is someone (you!) who "gets it".


Thanks for the movie recommendation. I watch so few any more. I'm going to go investigate the cooking blog too.

Happy Weekend!

Nan York

I love this movie, saw it quite awhile back on Netflix.


Thank you for sharing! I bet starting a rose in a potato really works!


I love your favorite things!


Thanks for the movie suggestion, and Thyme is one of my favorite blogs as well!


Some lovely favorite things Clarice. Thanks for the movie recommendation!


A lovely post and I am going to try and find your movie recommend. Thank you!

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