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A Winner and A Question


    I want to thank each of you for your kind words on my 7 year bloggiversary. I strive to inspire you, as well as myself, to make the most of what we already have. Making a home takes lots of creativity, energy and love. I hope I can keep Storybook Woods, relevant and interesting. Which brings me to a question. When I first blogged, I posted every day but it became too much. I finally came to a point where I blog every 5 days. But I find myself making little comments on FB usually cooking tips and links. I have thought of sharing them here. But my question to you, is do you like getting less posts or more? I mean there are soo many blogs out there if I posted more offen cooking tips and links, would it just be overwhelming to you or the more posts the merrier? Please be honest and let me know how you feel on this subjects. I am a bit torn if I should share or just keep posts (mostly) my own projects and recipes?

    Also I want to congrats Dianntha on winning the copy of Folk magazine. White chocolate, I know just what to get you!! Thank you again everyone xox


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I don't do Facebook, so I only see your blog posts. I really enjoyed seeing your posts on Corners of your home, and on books that you and the girls were reading, and on handwork. I love seasonal posts of whatever type. I like reading your foodtips and recipes, but they are not especially relevant to my family/marketing situation. (younger children, not in the US). Mostly, I just enjoy your converstions with us, my dear friend! So thats my 5 cents worth!Love Gill xxx


Sorry I missed this special day. Happy Blog Anniversary my friend.It's hard to believe it's been seven years since we first met through our blogs. So happy we did!
Love you.
Jill 00

Children of Eve

As a blogger I have been thinking about this too lately. As a blog reader I think the quick links and tips are best for FB and the meatier posts for the Blog. That is not to say that you cannot go with the same topic or event that may be happening in your life, but more details for the blog. Hope this helps! I love your blog as is and will continue to follow whatever way it goes.

Tracy A.

I look forward to your posts. Keep them coming as frequently. As you are comfortable.


Clarice, You are the sweetest ever!!! I am so excited! I do enjoy more posts but I know you are so busy! Dianntha


PS~ I love visiting with you on Facebook too! xo


Hello sweet Clarice! A belated congratulations on your 7 year blog anniversary! I am so happy for you and thank the Lord for bringing us together all those years ago through blogging! I am happy for your winner. She will enjoy the goodies I am sure! I think you should post as much or as little as you like. I get overwhelmed with blogging and am learning to take a break when it gets to be too much. You are always inspiring, creative, interesting and encouraging. So it is a blessing whenever you share. Do what makes your heart happy and that you have the time for. Love, Paula xo

LaDonna Lateadah

I really, really, really miss your daily posts and inspiration. Your blogging posts are like dessert. Facebook is like getting ready for the party. Both are fun and have their place --- but I always come away inspired by the way you hold everyone's attention in blogland.

Congratulations on 7 great years!


Congrats to your lucky winner! :) I, too, used to post quite often to my blog. I had a bit more time then and that made it easier for me to do so. I try and update at least once a week, unless other things get in the way. I am grateful that people understand! And I am sure your followers do, too. A combination of Facebook and blogging is good. Maybe you could do a recipe/tip update series once a week or once every other week on a chosen day. It would be something fun to look forward to! :)

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