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    Happy Bloggiversary to me!! I have been blogging 7 years now and you know what, I still love it! And I still have things to say. You would think by now I would run out of things ;-P but I continue to learn and grow, therefor have something to share. Whenever I have a bloggiversary, I always wonder what the upcoming year will hold. I also look back at the last year and am always amazed at all that has happened. This year I got to meet several other bloggers and make some dear friends too. I got to go to Kansas city and found I love the area. I am now a food editor and am excited to see what will be happening with Gathering Magazine this coming fall. It is very exciting and a bit scary. I am being stretched but that is good. Sadly Wren is sooo on the back burner but she is still with me every day and I will not forget her. Also because my old stove is falling apart, I have a new professional 6 burner gas stove being shipped to me, thanks to all of you! My Wren money paid for her. She is not here yet but I need to name her (or maybe it is a he??).

    Really what stands out from this past year is the love. I have made so many new friends, even friends I have met in real life. I feel so honored and blessed. I look forward to seeing what this year will hold. As a thank you for your constant support and friendship, I am having a give-away. One person will win the latest issue of Folk magazine and a chocolate bar. All I ask is you tell me your favorite chocolate, white, milk and dark? You know it is dark, like 80% for me baby xox



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Happy Blog Anniversary! I've enjoyed your blog for many years..... thank you for the time and effort you put into sharing with us!

(I'm a dark chocolate fan too!)

Sue Neitzel

Happy Blog<3Anniversay!! Dark is the only way to go!!!


Have loved your blog for many of those 7 years. My favorite chocolate is dark, dark, dark maybe with a bit of orange flavoring.


Happy Blogiversary dear Clarice! I too have been reading along for a long time, I love what you share and feel as if I have known you all like neighbours. Chocolate? Well, it has to be Norwegian!!! Nidars Bergene Melke for me!


Congratulations Clarice! I love visiting your blog! It's like stepping back in time--a better time. I thoroughly enjoy each visit! You will love your new stove. What a blessing. And, my favorite chocolate is milk .


Congratulations! And congratulations on your new stove - i do hope that you will post photos - I'm jealous!

I guess that I won't qualify for your give-away. I am one of the few souls on earth who is not a big chocolate fan. I don't dislike it, but I don't crave it, and never buy it. I know that someone is bringing a fabulous chocolate dessert to my home tomorrow night - perhaps I'll change my mind!


Congratulations Clarice! And Happy Bloggiversary too. Chocolate? I'll happily take any kind, thank you LOL.

Linda Poteet

Congratulations! Love your style!

Dark chocolate used to be my favorite and probably still is if it has nuts or caramel but I've started enjoying creamy milk chocolate more. White chocolate is way down on the list!


Dear Clarice, I enjoy your blog! I try to read the archives when I have time. They are filled with wonderful information! I always learn something new from an idea you have shared. Happy Anniversary.
I can't wait for the next post!
I like dark chocolate.

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest

Happy Bloggiversary! Can it really be 7 years!!! Amazing! I'm so happy that you've had some wonderful opportunities to take advantage of and yay for the new stove!

My favorite is milk chocolate - Godiva preferably :)


Congratulations, Clarice, on both the 7 years of blogging and the new challenges with the magazine. Life is always full of adventure.

Dark chocolate for me. Always.


Congrats Clarice, You know that I love you and your blog (even if I am not commenting I am reading). I love white! Blessings for seven more years of inspiration! Dianntha


Happy seven mark. Your blog has helped me to grow. Thank You!
I like dark and would love to win. Blessing, Dottie

LaTea Dah

Congratulations on your 7 year blogging anniversary! Here's to many more!

Chocolate --- the darker the better!


Well, Happy Blog Anniversary to you!!!! I think I have known you for about three of those years, and it has been so much fun to visit your delightful blog, sample your wonderful recipes, and watch you become an AUTHOR!!!! Here's to another 7 years of blogging bliss. And thank you for a lovely giveaway. My favorite is dark chocolate - all the way!!!!! xoxo


Congratulation! Love everything you share!


Happy, happy Blog Anniversary Clarice! I've been reading all these years and can hardly believe 7 years have passed this quickly. Storybook Woods is still one of my most favorite blogs to visit.

Homemade dark chocolate, made with coconut oil.

Blessings on all you set your hands to in the coming year.

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