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Happy Easter

Simple Grain-Free Peanut Butter Cookies

    Peanut cookie

    So my new addiction is grain-free peanut butter cookies! There is no flour in them at all and they are incredibly easy to make. The recipe has been around for a long time but I cut the amount of sugar down and used coconut sugar, although any sugar will work. Basically these are dump, mix and bake cookie. Perfect for a busy day!!

    PS. In the picture I have made mini ice cream sandwiches with two peanut butter cookies and a tiny scoop of vanilla ice cream. It was heavenly xox

PSS. Isn't the sweet nest made by Vintage Rabbit Acres lovely? I met Joy my last trip to CA and we became fast friends!!

Peanut cookie1

Simple Grain-Free Peanut Butter Cookies

Make a dozen cookies

1 cup creamy peanut butter (I found chunky does bind as well)*

3/4 cup coconut sugar or brown sugar or whatever you eat (but I would not use a liquid sweetener like honey or maple)

1 egg

salt, a pinch to a tsp. depending how much salt you like

1 tsp vanilla extract


Pre-heat oven 350˚F

In a mixer with a paddle (or you can use a food processor) add all ingredients. Mix about a minute until it comes together, kind of like play dough. Roll or gently squeeze dough into small balls, set on a cookies sheet lined with parchment paper. Press down center of dough with thumb. Bake 12 minutes. Let cool and enjoy!

*A note about the consistency. Since I know all you readers are amazing cooks, you know nut butters variety in constancy. Some are very oily and some are very dry. I have used both and both made a yummy cookie but each with a different texture. I would not worry too much about an oily butter but if you are using a crumbly, dry butter you might want to add a TBL or so of a mild flavored olive oil to the dough. The perfect consistency would be a soft play dough but do not worry about it too much. As long as you can gently roll/squeeze the dough into a ball.


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Children of Eve

I recently came across coconut sugar, wondered if it would do well in cookies. Thanks for answering that question! I will give these a shot, they look ridiculously tasty.

LaDonna Lateadah

I love this recipe! I make it with other kinds of nut butters as well. Great with cashew butter!


Oh my! They look FABULOUS, Clarice! My hubby is not fond of peanut butter cookies, but I am! Will definitely try these! xoxo


These look so yummy! Especially as ice cream sundays! Delish :)

Linda Colantino

Yummy! I need to make a treat for bible study next week and this looks like a good choice.
Happy Easter!


Oh Clarice,
My mouth is watering and I am so hungry right now...I want one of those cookies. But I have weigh-in in a little while so nothing for me right now. But I am having one of those cookies on Easter! Dianntha


Now these sound like a nice treat for my afternoon coffee time. Thank you. I do love the nest and pretty eggs. Today's the day I'm getting my pretty Easter things out.

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