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  As you read this post I am off in CA soaking the sun and probably enjoying some good red wine (and my fathers hot tub)!! But I wanted to share this amazing book I read, Amarcord by Marcella Hazen. Well actually I listened to the audio version but it was unabridged and I loved every minute of it. I dragged my laptop around the house, even into the bathroom while I was taking my afternoon bath so I did not miss one minute of the book, I enjoyed Marcella's life story so much. I know her work well. She is the Julia Child of Italian cooking but I did not know the story of her life.


    I treasure my very worn copy of The Classic Italian Cookbook, as well as her other books. Amarcord is not a cookbook, although you will learn lots of tips about cooking but it is the story of a women who followed her passions. Marcella's story from living in Italy during W11 to moving to New York without knowing any English to her creating a cooking school fascinated me. As someone who has self-published hearing about her trials and triumphs in the publishing world was eye opening. Of course food is the running thread through out the whole book and a subject I can never get enough of. I know my library has Amarcord, check it out when you get a chance. You will love it! Also here is her recipe for bolognese sauce. This is why I love Marcella, so ofen I see bolognese sauce without milk. Without milk it is meat sauce, NOT bolognese! This is a pet peeve of mine! Lastly an interview of Marcella.

    Eat good food while I am gone xox


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Thanks for sharing this book, Clarice. I so hope you enjoyed your time away!


Hi sweet Clarice! This sounds like a wonderful and inspiring book sweetie! Thank you so much for sharing! I love reading about people who are passionate about what they do and it shows that they love what they do too! You are inspiring! Lots of love, Paula xo


This was an interesting read Clarice, I think I'll try and see if there is a copy of the book over here in England, at my library.
I shall try the recipe, Thank you


Love The Classic Italian Cookbook - in a day where most cookbooks are filled with tempting photos, it's nice to know that old standards like this one prove to be so wonderful without page after page of pictures - just the assurance that the recipes are worth making.


Sounds like a good read. Have a great trip!


It sounds like a great book. I'll go listen to the interview tonight. Thank you for sharing this.

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