Vintage Storybook, Help w/ Food Budget
Happy Valentine's Day

Storyton Abbey

Thom anna

Welcome to Storyton Abbey (Here we are waiting to meet our honored guest)!


Come this way please! (door hanger)

Mom downton

We are celebrating the birthday of Lady Linda. (Her b-day is tomarrow) Doesn't she look the part?

D town table

Grab a hat and come have a sit.


Thomas and Anna will be glad to serve you.

Ladies downton

While enjoying Downton Abbey music (a youtube play list), please take a look at the wall of quotes.


Downton quoteeee

Of course we have a tea with finger sandwiches, roasted veggie salad, brie baked in lavender honey, chocolates and Mrs. Patmore raspberry meringue pudding (mine is a cheaters version; pre-made meringues, homemade whipped cream and frozen raspberries layered).

Down food Collage

We had fun picking our aristocratic name game!

Table downton

Sweet memories were made, I think my mother loved her birthday tea. I wish I was not sick and could have done a more elaborate tea but the love is the most important thing. Thank you for letting me share our Downton Abbey birthday tea with you xox

Dowton girls


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Nancy of Porch Days

You went to a lot of trouble for this and it paid off. A HUGE success. Such a lovely thing to do for Lady Linda! Nancy

Bernideen's Tea Time Blog

How special for this lady and everything was so well done!


This was such fun! Love Storyton Abbey!

Linda Poteet

ahahaha! I love it!!!

FlowerLady Lorraine

I'm a follower of your Mom's and this was a wonderful birthday celebration you gave her. What fun, and the food looks delicious.



Wow -- that spread looks awesome! It looks like you guys had a great time -- Very, Very Clever!!!


Oh, I just love it! April is my month to host our cooking group, and I have already told them that the theme is Downton Abbey - now I have some more ideas!


I'll never forget driving up and seeing you all standing outside in a row. Clarice was there too but didn't want her picture taken. The photos turned out great. I don't see how you could have done much more, it was perfect. Love you and thanks. Thanks everyone else for the birthday wishes, it's actually tomorrow me and Abe.

Cathy in Maryland

How cute and clever! I love that scalloped plate! Happy Birthday to Lady Linda! :-) I think we should have all been given the first name of "Lady" don't you think? Then I could be known as Lady Cathy (alas, my father did not name me Catherine and so I shall go to my grave with a little girl's wonder I've never felt like I've grown up, which I think, at my age, I'm finally beginning to appreciate) :-)


I'm sure that was such fun! I love all the quotes you collected.


What fun! Happy Birthday Linda!!!

Tammy Dunston

For consideration to the wall of quotes I'd like to nominate two from last night's episode "Have you changed your pills?" Mrs. Crowley to Dowager Countess and "put your knife back in the"


Clarice absolutely wonderful!
Happy Birthday Linda!
Great job girls!
Jill 00


Oh Clarice! What FUN!!!!! Happy birthday to your mom. What a great way to celebrate. And your girls looked fabulous. xoxo

Tammy Dunston

Love, love, love Storyton Abbey...Happy birthday Dowager Linda. Love you all, Tammy

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