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Cut Off Its Legs!!

    Cut table1

    I bet I had you at the tile ;-) Do you remember my new (to me) vintage couch? Which I love more and more but still have not painted the trim, I will one day. Well it is much long than the couch than I had before. And as whenever you add new furniture, it does not always work with everything you have. My coffee table was just too small and looked silly.

Cut table4

    But I am on a beer budget! A coors light, walmart kind of budget! So I was watching craiglist for a new table and checking out DIY's. I saw people who took dinning tables and cut them down. I realized my pretty pink table, which I use to use as a kitchen island before I got my French marble table would be perfect.

Cut table Collage

Cut table2

    We just cut it down. I left the table on the high side, 23 1/2",  because we work at lot at this table. I love it because I can put both sides up or down as needed. I have never had a large coffee table before but I find we use it so often I cannot imagine going back to small one. So do you have a table you can cut down?

Cut table3


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Love this little pink table! Dianntha

Brenda Nuland

Great idea! I love taking what I already own and using it elsewhere but I don't think I've ever cut the legs off a table. :)

My family room coffee table is very long and I love it. We bought it in the early years of marriage so it has been through a lot (and looks it).

But it has long been a favorite place for both Christopher and me to watch TV and work on our laptops. (Although he now has his own place, of course.)

Our living room coffee table is pretty (a Goodwill find!) but has half the space. It looks cluttered easily... another good reason to have a large coffeetable. It makes you look organized, hehehe.


This is such a clever idea Clarice and looks perfect in the sitting room. I'd be a bit nervous about getting all the legs the same length, did you have any problems with this?
I love the elegant and simpleaccents you have with your decor.X


So lovely, Clarice! :) Your home is really beautiful. I like that just a small alteration gave the table new legs (haha - a pun!). xoxo


Dear Clarice,

It looks soooo nice! My mom has a table just like that, but she would kill me if I cut it down, since it's an heirloom. :)




You're such a smartie. I like the look and the usefulness of your new coffee table.


What a wonderful idea! i love being able to repurpose things!

Linda Colantino

Great idea and everything looks so nice.

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