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Was a Handmade Christmas


    Our Christmas this year was calm, easy going and special. It is lovely to have a drama free Christmas :-)

    What was most special about this Christmas was all the handmade gifts from my daughters. I am always amazed by their creativity and out-of-the box thinking. I hope you do not mind me sharing with you. Above Auberne` made for Chloe a Merlin doll from the BBC Merlin. He is all hand stitched with his own book. His clothes even come off. Here is the pattern she used.

Girls meCollage

I loved my gifts, crocheted owl pin (Here is a link to the owl pattern ) from Chloe and crochet fingerless gloves from Auberne`.

Pickle two Collage

Chloe made her dad, Von Gherkin the Third, pickle in a jar :-p

Chloe Collage

Chloe sewed her sister a T.A.R.D.I.S and Tottoro.

Gran gifts Collage

For their grandmother Auberne` made her a Christmas pudding with needle felted berries and Chloe crocheted a robin pin!!

Twisty mug Collage

Auberne` created David, Twisty the Pretzel! I love the way she add beads for the salt. The girls always give David and I a his/her gift. What made me smile the most is they did not know if I wanted a glittered mustache or not. So I had my choice. I have chosen to have one on each side so I can express if I feel glittery or not ;-)

Thank you for letting me share the gifts the girls made. I am hoping to inspire them to open their shop again and make some items to sell. Well done girls oxox




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Tracey McBride

Such a talented family Clarice! Sooo cute...and such thoughtfulness.

Jeanette @ Creating a Life

How totally sweet and charming! What talented girls you have. Time invested in a handmade gift is always so meaningful.

Jeanette @ Creating A Life


Daughters are such fun! Did Chloe make up a pattern for her owl pin? It is something I know my daughter would love to make too. She is so into owls just now. And I may well have to look into the Merlin Doll...Well done to both of your girls.


Homemade is the best - well done ladies!


Looks like the girls were busy this year -- what fun projects. And lucky you to be the recipient of some of them!


How adorable! They are such clever gals! You must be so proud of them! It is all too cute!


So wonderful and fun...I love crafting with my girls. Dianntha


I saw all these pretties on your FB page! They should definitely open up shop - such talented daughters you have!


Love the gifts that your girls made...they are both very talented!


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