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No-Cook Oatmeal

Nocook oatmeal
    I stumbled across this idea about 5 years (and am just getting around to posting it now :-) Soaked or no-cooked oatmeal. I just cover rolled oats in milk and let it stand 1/2 hour and it is done. Delish, chewy but creamy at the same time. One word about the rolled oats; I use thick rolled oats, regular would be fine but I would not use instant or quick oats. They are already cooked, steamed and become gummy when soaked.I am enjoying soaked oats with raw milk, coconut sugar, toasted hazelnuts and dried sour cherries!


No-Cooked Oatmeal

Rolled oats thick or regular, but not instant

Milk, I use raw milk or almond but any milk will work

Put oats in bowl and add enough milk to just cover oats. Set in fridge for 30 minutes. I cover bowl with a small plate. After 30 minutes add your toppings and enjoy!



You can make this the night before, just store in fridge.

If you like your oatmeal hot, put the bowl in the microwave a minute or so before eating.

Get a New Hand-towel

Handt 1

Do you ever just walk into a room in your house and hate? Just want to over-haul it all! This is how I feel but I am short on money and time.


I made a scan of my bathroom. What could I do quikly, cheaply? A new hand-towel! The best $4.00 I have spent. It brightens up the room, inspired me to clean the rest of the bathroom and

Handt 3

organize and


create this little basket for the counter. I just added my jewelry candle, dried hydranga from my mother's garden, soap from Linda, some ribbon and a vintage pin. This is our main bathroom, so it gets lots of use. But I decided that I am of vaule and I should have a pretty bathroom, not just my guest. Sometimes just a little, simple change can make our day.

Handt 4

My Style

I am much more concerned how fashion makes me feel, as opposed to how I look!

  Fashion Collage

    Thank you for the well wishes, I am slowly getting better. I have spent a lot of time sitting, reflecting, writing and pinning!! I love making pin boards. They help me focus my thoughts, inspirations and goals. I have been looking at my fashion boards. I think fashion is so important and has been a passion of mine since I was a young girl. Fashion spills over into all areas of my life, what I cook, how I decorate, even how I feel. I find I use fashion to express my feelings. On days where I feel depressed will I wear something to cheer me up or if I wear something cushy, like a soft sweater, it comforts me. I even have outfits for when I clean, my Tasha Glam as I call it! A pinny puts me in the frame of mind to scrub something clean. I am much more concerned how fashion makes me feel, as opposed to how I look. I have plenty of outfits, which are not the most flattering to my body type BUT I feel like a million bucks in them. Nothing is going to make one more attractive, than feeling attractive.

    My style is quirky, vintage, a bit too youthful for my age and very feminine. Have you made a fashion board (or simple a fashion page in a journal)? I encourage you to think about what you like to wear, why you like it and how different styles make you feel. Heck you have a closet full of clothes, make the most of it. Use fashion to lift you up, to encourage you, to comfort or embolden you, to express what you are feeling, to project who you would like to be that day. I look at my collage above and this is the list of some things I see:

Mix of color and patterns, animal sweaters, grey tights, chunky heels, neutrals, every day lace, t-strap shoes, black and white, heels with ankle socks, cream and white together, touches of red, velvet w/ leather, girly dresses and simple glam!!

images 1 unknown, 2 yellow skirt, 3 red clip, 4 unknown, 5 t-straps, 6 black and white, 7 cream daisy, 8 red and pink, 9 velvet

Sick Days


Good day, I hope you are having a better one than me. Well I have been sick for a week and now am fighting not to get pneumonia. I always have this problem when I get sick (I had bad pneumonia one year and now my lungs are always susceptible). Anyhooo I have learned in the past I need to rest for a couple of weeks. So I am taking a few weeks off, until I feel better and have the strength to take photos. I plan to use this time to, well ... write of course but also to reflect on my blessing. I know that sounds so simple. I do not know about you but I really to not stop and absorb all I am blessed with. The bad always seems to outshine the good. So I plan to take sometime and reflect on the good in my life. Take care my sweet friend, have a cup of tea and think of me and I will do the same for you xoxo

image from

White Issue of Gathering Mag

White cover

TaaaDaa the White Issue of Gathering Mag is out and I have to say Heather really out did herself this time a stunning issue and it is free to read on-line or you can buy a copy.


Please check out my winter treat recipes: grain free/vegan snowball cookies, candy cain soda, espresso monkey bread and milk chocolate hand pies. I am thrilled to be the food editor for Gathering and plan on writing some really amazing recipes for future issues. Now grab a cup of tea and enjoy xoxo

Was a Handmade Christmas


    Our Christmas this year was calm, easy going and special. It is lovely to have a drama free Christmas :-)

    What was most special about this Christmas was all the handmade gifts from my daughters. I am always amazed by their creativity and out-of-the box thinking. I hope you do not mind me sharing with you. Above Auberne` made for Chloe a Merlin doll from the BBC Merlin. He is all hand stitched with his own book. His clothes even come off. Here is the pattern she used.

Girls meCollage

I loved my gifts, crocheted owl pin (Here is a link to the owl pattern ) from Chloe and crochet fingerless gloves from Auberne`.

Pickle two Collage

Chloe made her dad, Von Gherkin the Third, pickle in a jar :-p

Chloe Collage

Chloe sewed her sister a T.A.R.D.I.S and Tottoro.

Gran gifts Collage

For their grandmother Auberne` made her a Christmas pudding with needle felted berries and Chloe crocheted a robin pin!!

Twisty mug Collage

Auberne` created David, Twisty the Pretzel! I love the way she add beads for the salt. The girls always give David and I a his/her gift. What made me smile the most is they did not know if I wanted a glittered mustache or not. So I had my choice. I have chosen to have one on each side so I can express if I feel glittery or not ;-)

Thank you for letting me share the gifts the girls made. I am hoping to inspire them to open their shop again and make some items to sell. Well done girls oxox