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Get a New Hand-towel

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Do you ever just walk into a room in your house and hate? Just want to over-haul it all! This is how I feel but I am short on money and time.


I made a scan of my bathroom. What could I do quikly, cheaply? A new hand-towel! The best $4.00 I have spent. It brightens up the room, inspired me to clean the rest of the bathroom and

Handt 3

organize and


create this little basket for the counter. I just added my jewelry candle, dried hydranga from my mother's garden, soap from Linda, some ribbon and a vintage pin. This is our main bathroom, so it gets lots of use. But I decided that I am of vaule and I should have a pretty bathroom, not just my guest. Sometimes just a little, simple change can make our day.

Handt 4


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So pretty.The colors/feeling look exactly like your Wren Bay cover!


Love your quick and easy way to brighten up your bathroom. It seems like many of us feel the same way at this time of year. That's a pretty towel.

Cindy @ Applestone Cottage

I think it looks charming, I love low cost ideas to cheer things up!


Dear Clarice,

Pretty bathrooms are indeed important, aren't they! I love what you've done with yours; always so inspiring (even though you may not think so!).




What a great reminder -- sometimes it's just the little things. Looks great!


Amazing what pop of color can do - lovely!


Isn't it great when a very little thing or two can make a space feel fresh and new? I like your bathroom additions and special touches.

Jeanette @ Creating A Life

I saw your "loo" on Pinterest and came over to see what you were doing :)
I love your cheerful new towel, it looks so pretty with the blue tile (I pinned it on my "Color Happy" board)

Jeanette @ Creating A Life

Cathy in Maryland

I love your bathroom even without the new hand towel! I think we each grow too accustomed to our own living space and can't see it's own unique beauty. That's why I had to rearrange my living room the other day, then "shopped my house" for a new lamp and accessories. Bathrooms can't be rearranged, though, can they! I must see what I can go do to my bathroom now.....


By the way...
I was thinking of you all last night.
Those thoughts turned into missing you and thinking about how special you are.
One of those thoughts...
You are your own person! You never waiver that.
You have grit and you're a happy person.
Those are but a few of the reasons I love you.
I could go on but I don't want you to get too big of a head.
Oh and your choice of music is pretty good too!


Love your cost effective idees! Well you know this time of year I believe is the worst time for feeling wishy washy about our homes. I experience the same feelings as you. By the way, I get excited just bringing in a bottle of Mrs. Meyers hand soap!
Your bathroom looks shiny and new!
Love you.
Jill 00

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