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Upcycling a Garland


    My mother has been deep cleaning, which means she was getting rid of some wonderful items. I was looking through her Christmas stuff and spotted two red and gold garlands.


     The problem with them was they were on this stiff, heavy wire. Which looked great when wrapped around my evergreen hanging over my kitchen sink.


    But made it hard to use elsewhere, so I restrung a smaller garland onto heavy coat thread, which allowed the garland to have the drape I wanted.


   I still had some of the red garland left, so I made drop ornaments of what was left. I have to say I so happy with how it all turned out. It is nice to have the same garland in different three spots. It gives my kitchen decorations some continuity.


    So moral of the story next time someone is getting rid of some Christmas stuff (or you are sick of yours) see it you can take is apart, paint, glitter, restring or upcycle it!!


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I really love this years theme. Beautiful decorations. I love the snow and ice theme but I think my favorite is the kitchen window.


Great advice, Clarice! I love the way you remade everything. Very festive and oh so pretty!

Pearl Maple

Delightful color combination and sweet little Santas are a wonderful blend for the holidays. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and the family.


Beautiful! Love the Finland flags!~ so festive :)


It looks really bright and cheery. I like the new garland and the drop ornaments. I see you have Finland's flag on the tree. Are you of that nationality?


I love the look you have going here especially that third window with the two gnomes on either side of the top window pane. Wow I would love to see a close up of them, did you make or buy?


Hi sweet Clarice, Your home is gorgeous and I love all of your Christmas decorations! You are so creative and I love what you did with the pretties your mom gave you! I also love all the vintage Santa's in your window! So charming! Love you lots, Paula xoxo

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