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    Well this year's Christmas theme is snow and ice! Lots of white, cream, silver and gold. I have to say my house is pretty perfect for this theme and I love the way my living room shimmers and glows. Today I am sharing my china cabinet.


    My girls always tease me because I pick up pretty wrapping paper but will not let anyone use it. I save it for down the road. This snowflake paper in cabinet is one of those purchases I made a few years ago. It is perfect, I am glad I did not let anyone use it ;-)


    We made a few crafts but our favorite is the glue gun icicles. These are really hard to photograph but in person they just glitter and sparkle. We also made some of my friend Bella Dia foil icicles too!


Isn't Pierre looking dashing?


 Soon I will share more of our snow and ice theme!!


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My goodness! How BEAUTIFUL! I have a little segment of my Christmas room that is "white." This year, it's been about reindeer! Obsessed with them!!!!

Tracy A.

I just love how your China cabinet transforms throughout the seasons!


It's beautiful Clarice! White and fresh and sparkly!


Beautiful, dear Clarice. You are inspiring me to get my cabinet done...I wasn't sure if it was worth the bother this year. I keep on trying to simplify my life ;) xxx


I noticed the icicles in the very first photo and thought they looked just beautiful hanging from the boughs!


Wow, that is so beautiful, Clarice!!! LOVE the sparkles and I will have to try the glue gun icicles!
Merry Christmas!!!


Just beautiful and so festive!


Really pretty! I have some glass and frosted glass icicles that I hang on my Xmas tree. Each year I try to add to my collection. These are very nice and would be child-safe too.


Dear Clarice,

What a fun theme! I love the icicles, and all the sweet decorations.



Cathy in Maryland

So Pretty! I, too, use lots of snow and ice in my decorating. Someone told me they use flour and water to make a paste that dries like snow on pine cones.

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