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Adding That Little Touch!!

Snow and Ice Place-setting

Ice table

I am really loving my snow and ice Christmas theme this year. I was afraid with all the gray weather, it would feel dark and depressing!!

Ice table1

But it does not; it feels warm, sparkly and glow'y.


As I do every year, each guest has a gift at their place setting. This year is a lace embossed clay snowflake. I will share more next post!!
I think I will be keeping a lot of this years theme out even after Christmas. A good way to add glow to winter!!
Ice tabl3


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It is simply gorgeous, Clarice!!!! There is nothing prettier in winter than white, I think. It glistens and gleams and reminds you of snow! xoxo


Beautiful, dear Clarice. I do Snow & Ice in January, saving all our snowman ornaments for then. We love this theme. Have a very Happy Christmas. Gill xxx
(who almost never irons a tablecloth...)

Account Deleted

It is so pretty Clarice. I love your cloche scene. I've always wanted to emboss clay with lace. Doing that with snowflakes is a wonderful idea.


I just love your table-settings! I am eagerly awaiting information on your lacy snowflake ornaments!


Sweet! I love it!


Hello sweet Clarice! Your snow and ice place setting is gorgeous! You always make your home so beautiful and special! This will be perfect to leave out all winter sweetie! I love the snowflakes you made too! That is so sweet of you to make a gift for each person. They will love it! Dear heart, I personally like the tablecloth un~ironed. I love the shabby sweet look of it! Love all you do! Love you! Paula xoxo


That is so lovely!

When my children were younger and we all kind of felt let down after Christmas when the decorations were all put away, I used to decorate the kitchen with snow and ice-themed decorations for January -- icicle garlands in the window, snowflake hanging from the light fixture, cut out paper snowflakes on the window panes, and a white table cloth strewn with iridescent stars on the table, along with The Winter King, old Mother Earth, and sleeping "root children" on our Nature Table. It really brightened up a long and typically rainy and cloudy January.

Anyway, you have created a lovely table!

Cathy in Maryland

I love the snow and ice theme for my dining room, too, and leave it up all winter only taking down the Christmas-specific decorations. I love that last idea....the little scene under the glass dome! Too many ideas and not enough table space for them all! Everyone may have to stand up with their plates in hand to eat!


Beautiful! Iron York table cloth though, or it will be noticed more than the beautiful decor. Nice ideas here!

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