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Christmas Eve and Morning Menu


Hello, I am busy planning my meals. I am still working on Christmas dinner but will share soon. Here is our Christmas eve and breakfast menu. As you can see since I am cooking a lot of food, I lean to things I can cook ahead. I find I do much better this way. So is there anything you are cooking for Christmas that you are excited about??


Christmas Eve

Pomergranate Margaritas

Tamales, which I will be honest with you I am buying at TJ

Cochinita Pibil, I will make several days before.

Drunken Beans, also made ahead of time

corn and flour tortillas

salas, avocados, veggies, etc.

cookies and candies made or given to us


Christmas Breakfast

Christmas tea

Fresh Potato Casserole, assembled the night before. Potatoes baked a few days before.

Fresh fruit

Meyer Lemon and Cranberry scones, made ahead and kept in freezer, ready to bake off frozen.




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Oh goodness...may I come over? LOL Your menu sounds divine!


The Cochinita Pibil sounds absolutely delicious! I'm still planning!


It all sounds really delicious! I LOVE Mexican food and it sounds perfect for Xmas Eve.


Sounds very yummy! I love all the foods this time of year brings :)


Your fresh potato casserole sounds yummy. Thanks for sharing. Wish you had a picture that I could see though. And that's smart too to choose dishes where you can do most of the cooking before hand.


Thank you for sharing! Now I have some wonderful ideas!
Pomegranate Margaritas. I love both menus.


Sounds yummy! We're looking forward to your potato casserole on Christmas morning this year!

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