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Fruitcake Reminder


Well it is that time of year, fruitcake!!! I will be making ours in a week. I always make my chocolate cherry fruitcake. It would not be Christmas without it. If you are not a big fruitcake fan, then you probably will like this one. It does not have a lot of citron (which is what most people hate).My friend Angie makes an amazing fruitcake with lots of dried fruit, it is very different from mine, based off Clear Creek Distillery recipe. Check out her post, she has some great fruitcake tips too.We both swap cakes, so we have a bit of each. It is fun to share. So do you love fruitcake?? If so what kind do you love?

Fruitcake 125


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No Spring Chicken

I have never in my whole life made a fruitcake. Can you believe it? I must say your looks absolutely scrumptious. Maybe this is the year..

Blessings, Debbie

Account Deleted

Just the other day I was thinking about how my fruitcake lovers were gone now. Both my step-mom, and my mother-in-law were fond of fruitcake, and I'd always try to drop a small one off to each of them every Christmas time. I like fruitcake, but in small amounts with a nice creamy cup of coffee. I can't think of anyone else in the family who cares for it much.


Gumbo Lily

It's too bad that I don't live close to you and Angie so I could be an official fruitcake taste-tester. I'd love to have tea with you and sample those cakes. They sound delicious.



Tis the season! I know my hubby is not a fan, but I'd definitely give it a try. Fruitcakes of old have such a stigma attached to them. Really, there is nothing wrong with fruit - especially if it's in cake!


I use my mothers old Dundee recipe usually-every now and again I try a new recipe, but usually go back to the classic Dundee. It is lighter on fruit than a standard Christmas style fruitcake. Last year I tried Hugh Fearnley- Whittingstall's recipe-but we all hated it. Too much fruit and too much alcohol. I always wait until Stir-up Sunday to bake our cake. Gill xxx


Now, chocolate cherry I could probably live with! The problem I always had with fruitcake is the ones I've tried had too much rum in them -- just not a rum fan. Either way...I can't believe it's fruitcake season already!!!


Dear Clarice,

I haven't had fruitcake for years! Thanks for the reminder to get prepared now. Yours looks truly yummy.




I must admit to not being much of a fruitcake fan - a fruitcake, maybe - but not a fruitcake fan. But it certainly does seem to ring in the season! Bake away!


I'll say it again: Yay, fruitcake! It wouldn't seems like Christmas without it.

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