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Apple Theme Thanksgiving

Apl thk1

Every year I try to have a little gift at each place setting for my guests. Last year it was paper feathers. The year before that, copper pinecones.

Apl thk2

This year I made paper apples.

Apl thk4

In keeping with the apple theme, I am using golds and reds.The napkin ring is just some pretty ribbon wrapped around a vintage napkin.

Apl thk5

I am am happy with the simple, festive feel of this year's Thanksgiving table!

Apl thk3

PS. speaking of apples I have a great give-away on Monday, so stop by!!!


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Tierney Barden

I remember your paper feathers with fondness, and now your paper apples! Clarice, you cease to amaze with unexpected treats. ;)

Tracey McBride

You are so clever Clarice!!! That apple is adorable...although I can never bring myself to do any of those book~pages~projects as it bothers me to cut up books...even though they are worthless paperbacks hahahah!!!


VERY Pretty Clarice!


Your paper apples are very sweet. I love the red edges.


I love your paper apples! They are just so sweet!

Gumbo Lily

Pretty place setting. I'm having a lot of folks. Not sure if there will be a theme at my Thanksgiving feast. Yes, there will -- EAT!


What a sweet idea! Its very charming :) This is such a lovely tradition you've started too! Hope you have a wonderful holiday!


Oh how beautiful this is, Clarice! The little paper apple is so sweet. :) I'll be most interested to learn of your apple-themed giveaway. I'm sure it will be something amazing. I'd love to share Thanksgiving with you - everything looks so elegant and special!


Loved that apple!

What is the name of the china the "apple" is sitting on?


This is such a cute idea thanks for posting.

Linda Colantino

Love anything apple! Fun ideas. We are going out this year....something we have only done once before. The girls wanted to do something different. Should be interesting.....See ya soon!
Have you picked your Christmas tree theme for this year? Always fun to see what you come up with!
Love ya,


Like the apple theme. Hadn't thought of doing that for Thanksgiving. We do that often for Christmas though. Love the little book apples too.

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