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"Anthroploging" a Skirt

A skirt

     Hi, I wanted to share with you how I blinged up this velvet skirt.( I got this $100.00 skirt for $12.00. I love those end of the season racks at the expensive department stores ;-). It is a beautiful velvet skirt but kind of boring. Plus velvet is so formal and I wanted to be able to use it for every day. I brain-stormed for a while how to "Anthroplogie" it and I am happy how it came out.

A skirt 3

    Here is what I did. I got some cheap polyester lining for suits and such at the fabric store, about 1/2 yard. I tore it into 1/2" wide long strips. The fabric did not always tear straight but that was okay! If a strip was too wide, I would tear it in half again, lengthwise. To get the tearing going, I would first have to make a snip in the fabric with scissors. When I had a ton of strips, I put on a good movie and with a needle/tread hand-gathered the strips. Again not being perfect, I would run the needle in and out of the fabric and every few inches, knot off the thread (but I did not cut the thread but kept sewing it until I got to the end of the strip). After a month of this I took all these gathered strips and arranged them on the skirt, overlapping and basically playing with them until I found a pattern I liked. Then I pinned the strips to the velvet and just sewed down the center. I left the edges raw. Really it is simple to do, just a bit time consuming but a great reason to watch a movie. This skirt looks great dressed up but also great with a chunky sweater and boots!!

PS do you like my teal shoes? A 50th birthday gift and another end-of-the-season deal!

A skirt 5


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Very pretty and so thrifty! I LOVE anything from Anthropologie. :) What a clever way to make something affordable and classic!


Ahhh! I love those shoes. Who makes them? I just inherited a dark grey skirt from my mom, nice...but boring. I threw it on my sewing pile to use for fabric. I will Anthro it up after seeing this.


It all looks fabulous Clarice - well done!


So very wearable- well done! I have a purple velvet skirt that I wear dressed up or down too- they are so cosy, aren't they.


Dear Clarice,

How sweet! It looks like something from a catalog, indeed. You are endlessly creative. :)




Very cool Clarice! I love ideas where we can take the "formal" and use them everyday. Otherwise, what's the point?


Love what you did to the skirt. Very anthro! And such cute shoes.

Gumbo Lily

I like the skirt very much! Next thing you know Anthro will be calling you to come join their design team!

Sandi Butler

I love this look! What a great skirt makeover.


Your teal shoes and pink tights are great with this look. Very clever of you to think up this attractive treatment for the skirt bottom.

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