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October 2012

"Anthroploging" a Skirt

A skirt

     Hi, I wanted to share with you how I blinged up this velvet skirt.( I got this $100.00 skirt for $12.00. I love those end of the season racks at the expensive department stores ;-). It is a beautiful velvet skirt but kind of boring. Plus velvet is so formal and I wanted to be able to use it for every day. I brain-stormed for a while how to "Anthroplogie" it and I am happy how it came out.

A skirt 3

    Here is what I did. I got some cheap polyester lining for suits and such at the fabric store, about 1/2 yard. I tore it into 1/2" wide long strips. The fabric did not always tear straight but that was okay! If a strip was too wide, I would tear it in half again, lengthwise. To get the tearing going, I would first have to make a snip in the fabric with scissors. When I had a ton of strips, I put on a good movie and with a needle/tread hand-gathered the strips. Again not being perfect, I would run the needle in and out of the fabric and every few inches, knot off the thread (but I did not cut the thread but kept sewing it until I got to the end of the strip). After a month of this I took all these gathered strips and arranged them on the skirt, overlapping and basically playing with them until I found a pattern I liked. Then I pinned the strips to the velvet and just sewed down the center. I left the edges raw. Really it is simple to do, just a bit time consuming but a great reason to watch a movie. This skirt looks great dressed up but also great with a chunky sweater and boots!!

PS do you like my teal shoes? A 50th birthday gift and another end-of-the-season deal!

A skirt 5

Apple Day

Apple day

    Have you celebrated apple day yet?
    It is a tradition in our family we always look forward to. It is funny even though my daughter's are 21 and 16, they still want to celebrate Apple Day. They still want to pull out all the fall children's books. They want to only use candles and have fresh cider. Family traditions really are the glue that holds a family together!

Apple Cider Marinated Pork Chops

Apl cid marn

We grill year around. My hubby does not cook but he grills! Since we grill so much I like to change the flavors out. Apple cider is a fall favor and this marinade is a bit hit. Marinating pork (or chicken) is a good idea because both meats can dry out when cooking. It adds flavor and keeps the meat moist. Serves this with an apple, candied pecans, spinach salad and you would have a perfect autumn meal!!

I am linking up with Bernindeen's Tea Time


Apple Cider Marinated Pork Chops

good for 4-6 chops


1/2 cup apple cider (or juice)

3 TBL apple cider vinegar (if you can get raw cider that is the best)

1/4 cup water

2 garlic cloves ruffly chopped

1 TBL fresh ground pepper

2 TBL salt

1 TBL fresh ground nutmeg (do not use pre-grounded nutmeg because it is only sweet. Fresh ground nutmeg has a peppery bite to it!!)

1/2 tsp. ground allspice


Mix all together and marinate chops for 4 hours (up to 12 hours) and pan fry or grill. I like to put my chops and marinate in a zip-lock baggie. Works well!!


Autumn Corners

Fall corner1

The first day of September Chloe was in a decorating mood. We had so much fun!! I went for the simple pumpkin in an urn look ;-o

Fall corner2

Chloe went for an more abundant fall look ;-)

Fall corner6

But I think she did a good job!!! By the way the charming needle felted mushroom and large owl below were from the talented LaVonne

Fall corner4

Ohhh and I have to share my new sofa with you. I had been watching and watching it on Craigslist but she wanted much more than I could pay. My patients won out, finally she listed it for $100.00. I am thrilled with the sofa but I do want to paint the wood trim. I am not a plain brown wood kind of girl. One friend on facebook suggest pearl gray, another chalk black with silver highlights. Would would you paint it ??

Fall corner5