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Autumn Corners

Fall corner1

The first day of September Chloe was in a decorating mood. We had so much fun!! I went for the simple pumpkin in an urn look ;-o

Fall corner2

Chloe went for an more abundant fall look ;-)

Fall corner6

But I think she did a good job!!! By the way the charming needle felted mushroom and large owl below were from the talented LaVonne

Fall corner4

Ohhh and I have to share my new sofa with you. I had been watching and watching it on Craigslist but she wanted much more than I could pay. My patients won out, finally she listed it for $100.00. I am thrilled with the sofa but I do want to paint the wood trim. I am not a plain brown wood kind of girl. One friend on facebook suggest pearl gray, another chalk black with silver highlights. Would would you paint it ??

Fall corner5


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Wow, unfortunately I have never experienced a "decorating mood" like that! The displays, the new sofa, all wonderful.


Love the pumpkin! Everything looks warm and welcoming.



Your fall decor is so lovely!!!! Both you and Chloe did a fabulous job. And I ADORE that sofa - great find! Patience DOES have its virtues! :)


What pretty vignettes you and your daughter created. Congrats on getting the sofa! I love the idea of painting the wood a colour - like the turquoise mentioned. It would be easy enough to change later.


Well done Chloe! All the decorating looks lovely.

If you do paint the sofa wood, I think I would chose black, but not silver highlights, unless you were still thinking of Halloween!

We have wild Autumn days now and even had snow on Sunday. Too cold for much outside work now. How did your garden do? Gill xxx

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest

The sofa is fabulous! I saw one where they painted the wood turquoise. Which I just loved because it's such an unusual choice. Love all your pretty fall touches (especially those cute mushrooms in the basket).


The room deco looks wonderful Chloe did a great job.


LOVE your Fall decor!!!! Please share where you found the adorable mushrooms...That sofa is gorgeous, too!! I wouldn't paint it, BUT, if I did, I would maybe do a pale grey.

Deborah Ripoli

Love the look. I so love autumn


I love your pretty autumn decor!! When are you going to have me over for tea? Your house is so much prettier than mine!! xo


The sofa is great! I have no paint suggestions I'm afraid. How nice to have another decorator in the house! Granted, I don't have to adjust to someone else's style (my husband could careless), but it would be nice to bounce some ideas off of another person!

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