Apple Cider Marinated Pork Chops
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Apple Day

Apple day

    Have you celebrated apple day yet?
    It is a tradition in our family we always look forward to. It is funny even though my daughter's are 21 and 16, they still want to celebrate Apple Day. They still want to pull out all the fall children's books. They want to only use candles and have fresh cider. Family traditions really are the glue that holds a family together!


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Oh I fear that I have missed it! But I will be getting some apples this weekend, so I will celebrate late by baking a pie!

Tierney Barden

One tradition officially marks Autumn for me - I make the trip to Hollenbeck's in Virgil NY for apples, fresh donuts and freshly pressed cider. It's a fond tradition my Mom started many years ago. Thanks for the post Clarice - I've enjoyed reading other people's traditions.

Tracey McBride

They are Clarice!!! We do similar little traditions in our house too. Traditions reassure us...they remind us that good and happy things can continue to occur. :)))


Traditions are in indeed, cement. My sister began the tradition years ago with her children that the first day of summer was celebrated by going to the local Friendly's (a chain restaurant with an emphasis on ice-cream) to have ice-cream sundae's for breakfast - a tradition that has lasted into their adulthood - so nice!


Ha-soon after I posted we had a blizzard. Howling furious wind blasting the last leaves off the tree and turning the ground and air into a swirling whirl of leaf and snowflakes and the sky was just black!


Dear Clarice,

Yay for apple day! One thing we forgot to do on our own "apple day" was to have cider, darn it! :) I'd love to get my own press and make cider every year for a treat.

The pork chops look so delicious, just like everything you share!




Good for them! I am at that inbetween stage now, where my children are too old for my kindergarden collection of books-and too young to want the old favourites back again just yet. But they still tolerate my song and dance act decorating the house for all the holidays ;)

Its a beautiful breezy sunshiny autumn day here, but snow threatens later this week. Could be because I keep on playing Dean Martin on You Tube...Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it


Yay, Apple Day! My kids have been bugging me about this too!

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