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Cab makover1

Hello, I have to share my cabinet makeover with all of you. It is amazing what a coat of white paint can do. My kitchen counters were feeling cluttered and I decided to look for a cabinet to hold my larger appliances, like my food-saver, jelly roll pans and vita-mix.


It pays to always shop in ones own home, this green cabinet was in the upstairs bathroom. It was full of books. David added some tall wooden legs. I painted over the green with cream. A paint tip, I did not need much and the paint store had leftover samples. It cost me $1.25 for paint.

Cab make2

David installed a steal rod by drilling a hole on each side a bit deeper than the rod. I used the ring clips (but not the ring part) to hold the curtain, which is just a small square table cloth I was not using.You will be horrified but the cloth was brightly embroidery. I painstakingly took out all the embroidery that someone had painstakingly embroidered :-o  And I felt guilty the whole time but I have to say I am thrilled with the results!!!

Can make3


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Lovely...and I am coveting your Vitamix.

Tracey McBride~Frugal Luxuries ®

Gorgeous Clarice! I know what you mean about the miracle of a fresh coat of white paint! :)
So clever.

Linda Colantino

Looking great Clarice...very exciting.
Love ya,


Beautiful and so clever! And how frugal, too. Paint for just $1.25? That's amazing!


Just wonderful! How clever!


What a clever idea! I particularly like the "shop in one's home" comment. I am needing a bookshelf for the living room, so guess who is going to be "shopping" today? LOL Love the lighter paint! Makes it all look clean and crisp for fall!


So pretty, Clarice! You are an inspiration!


It looks fabulous! Wow must feel great to be in your kitchen now!


Great makeover Clarice! The added legs are charming...beautiful storage.

Gumbo Lily

Well done! The addition of the legs on the bottom really adds a lot of class to the shelf/cabinet. Paint does wonders.


Oh wow, Clarice... one of your best projects, ever! At first, I even thought you'd bought this new. Great job--it looks perfect there. Blessings, Debra

Manuela@a cultivated nest

It looks fabulous! I especially love the little tablecloth turned curtain. I've been trying to think of a way to add more storage to my kitchen for my Vitamix/Kitchen Aid etc but I don't have that much room. I'd love to add something like you have but I don't think I can make it work - but you've given me something to think about :)


Wow! It looks great Clarice! You Go Girl!


Dear Clarice,

Brilliant! It looks very lovely. I really have to get something like that, so my appliances aren't crowded on top of and under a spare table.




Love it, Clarice!! You've just inspired me to do something similar! I have a smaller kitchen and most of my baking pans are in a corner cabinet that has a small sliver of a door, but I do have a bookcase that could possibly move beside my fridge and work similarly to your's.
You are awesome!


Girl, is there anything you can't do?
You are amazing!! It looks fabulous but I knew it
would 😄


Clarice, It looks great! Love your kitchen!

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