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Peach Melba Dinner Salad

  Pech m salad

We are finally have summer weather, yeah!! Today is going to be close to 90 and this is rare for us. Almost nobody has air conditioning (except my mother, who I can escape to if it gets really bad. Mother's rock!!), so it is light, easy meals we are craving. I wanted to make some dinner salads but was not feeling inspired. I decided to ask FB friends for ideas and boy did everyone come through with lots of yummy salad ideas. This salad it bits and pieces of ideas my FB friends shared. Thank you all by the way!!

I knew I had to share this salad when my family came moaning to me how good it was and told me I need to make it again. Actually what they always say is never make this again, which is code for this is insanely good. I did not put amounts because I think how big of a salad you would make and what you like (maybe you would rather have more tangy green apple or more sweet peaches. I use one apple and two peaches by the way). It is all about your palate and what you like xox


Peach Melba Dinner Salad

I have no amounts listed because I think it depends on the size salad you are making and what you like.



chicken breast cubed, grilled or poached

candied pecans

green granny smith apple, cubed

peaches, cubed

raspberry/lime vinaigrette *

Toss and enjoy.


* Raspberry/ Lime Vinaigrette

1/2 cup raspberries. If using frozen, give them time to defrost

1/3 cup oil, I like a good olive oil

zest of a lime

juice of half a lime

3 TBL honey

1 garlic clove, finely minced

salt and pepper to taste


Put all ingredients in a large bowl, mash and mix together. Taste and adjust to you liking. Your are looking for a vinaigrette with a nice balance between sweet and tang from lemon.




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Gumbo Lily

Oh yum! I'm doing a "take off" salad from your recipe here. My peaches weren't quite as tender as I wanted, so I'm putting them into a small pot along with a little brown sugar, garlic, salt, olive oil, and lime juice (similar to your dressing). After I soften the peaches up, I'll pour it over the salad greens and add some nuts. It'll go great with our steaks tonight. Can't wait for supper! Thanks for the inspiration, Clarice.


Sounds like the perfect hot weather dinner!


Ooooh Yum -- this sounds wonderful. I would wish you cooler weather, but if you're going to eat like this....


Oh that sounds PERFECTLY soothing for these HIGH temps were having. Now it makes me wish I didn't pass up those Organic Peaches today. :)


Very nice and refreshing for a hot day! Sounds delicious!!! :)

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