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Happy Tasha Tudor day!!

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Happy Tasha Tudor day my friends!!

     Welcome to the 4th year celebrating Tasha Tudor, her life and her work. I am thrilled that each year TT day seems to grow. More and more people who are inspired by Tasha, stop and think of her on her birthday. It is funny as time goes on, I find Tasha inspires me more and more. She has also opened up a whole world of friends to me, some who I have actually met!!! Kindred spirits who I never would have met if it were not for Tasha. I find that Tasha lovers are not cookie cutter, shawl wearing, corgi owner, gardeners but unique individuals. Some may love gardening, some may love corgis, some may own a shawl but I think the thread that runs through all of us is the love and appreciation of, a simple life made by ones own hands. This is what I think Tasha's legacy is and why she is still so relevant to many people!!!

     As I mentioned I have made some dear friends because of Tasha. When we (by the way, we call ourselves Tashette's. That is thanks to one of the ladie's husband. Thank you Jim!) get together boy do we have fun. Laughter abounds, and creativity too. We like to share what we have been up to and create something together. Using our hands and talents bonds us.

     This libation was created with Tasha in mind and hopefully something the Tashette's will love!! Now, I have it on good authority that Tasha was a teetotaler but I would like to think she would enjoy my A is for Annabelle Apricot Aperitif, or at lest enjoy it without the homemade apricot liquor ;-) This aperitif symbolizes Tasha to me because it has three important elements:

1, Tea. I cannot have tea without thinking of Tasha. So I wanted my creation to be tea based.

2, Handmade. The alcohol for this drink is homemade apricot brandy. It is simple to make and would make a wonderful Christmas gift.

3, Garden. I wanted to include an herb because Tasha's garden meant so much to her. I have always loved her topiary bay tree. I have a bay tree myself and am slowly training it to look like Tasha's . Making a bay simple syrup to sweeten this apertif is a perfect touch.

So I lift a glass with my Tasha friends. Here is to Tasha!! Thank you for your inspiring, independent spirit!! Also please stop by Tasha's family blog and say hello xox


Choe aaa


A is for Annabelle Apricot Aperitif

1 chilled cup of tea, although this can be made hot. Any tea will do. I happen to have a black apricot tea blend from Eastern Shores I love.

homemade apricot liqueur *

bay simple syrup **

I like this tea served over ice. As far as amounts, it is up to your liking. Add some simple syrup and liquer to the tea, taste and adjust. Enjoy!!!!


* Homemade apricot liquer

4 cups of brady

1/2 cup of dried apricots, cut into forths

1/4 sugar, I am making this slighly sweet becuase the aperitif is already sweet but if you want it sweeter just add more sugar.

Put all ingreadnts in a blender and blend for 30 seconds or so. Just to chop up the apricots but it does NOT have to be finely chopped. Pour ingrednds in a glass jars and set in a dark cuboard. Shake well once a week. Should be ready in about three months. But give a taste now and then, when you like it strain out the apricots (save them for muffins or tea cake) and store liquid in a dark, cool place.


** Bay simple syrup

1 cup sugar

1 cup water

3 fresh bay leaves (if you can please do use freash bay leaves, it is so much better but you can use dried bay leaves also)

Put all ingredients in a sauce pan and bring to a simmer for 5 minutes. Pull off heat, cover and let sit 30 minutes. Pull out leaves, pour syrup in container and keep in fridge. Should keep for a month.


T shawl

PS. I have to share this wonderful Tasha shawl Lynda had made with this lovely UK yarn. Her friend Claudia Flores knitted for her. Just beauitful ladies, thank you for sharing with us. I am sure you will treasure your shawl always Lynda!!

TLynda shawl



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Linda@There and Back Again

What a lovely post about Tasha Tudor. Now I will put this special day on my culinary calender to celebrate each year. Also, the aperitif sounds delicious. Nice for a hot summer evening.

Vilt og vakkert


I wish you a Happy New Year,

and I can tell you that I now have pet a corgi, and I have just one task left to finish the list!!!!

Tracey McBride~Frugal Luxuries ®

I LOVE your traditional Tasha Tudor Day celebrations Clarice! That brandy recipe sounds yummy but no~one here drinks it. Perhaps we could flavor a white wine in a similar way? What do you think...I'll have to google it! ;)


Every year I say I'm going to celebrate Tasha and each year I miss the day! I must get it on my calendar. Thank you for reminding me with your beautiful post.


Thanks for starting such a fun tradition. This is the first year I was actually able to remember it on the correct day and commemorate it in our family.

Linda Colantino

Wonderful Clarice and I wish I would have been there to sit and chat and sip away as we talked about our dear Tasha. Lovely post.

You can see how I celebrated on my blog too

I'm anxious to take a peak at how your friends celebrated Tasha Tudor Day.

Miss you!
Love, Linda


What a wonderful celebration of an amazing woman, Tasha Tudor. I was honored a few years ago to have my work appear alongside hers in a gardening book. She was a true gardener.


Dear Clarice,
Oh a beautiful day to share. Thank you
Here is my own contribution


Well, I posted again -- what we actually did today to celebrate Tasha's birthday. This is really one of my favorite days of the year, because Tasha was such an interesting person, and there are so many amazing things one could do "like Tasha" to make the day exciting and fun. Thanks again!


We weren't able to do much, but I posted a bit on my blog.



Happy Tasha day!

I posted about it this evening....


Lesley Austin

Joining in (rather belatedly) after being inspired to do so after visiting links here and reading about your delightful aperitif, Clarice.

I hope everyone enjoyed a Tasha moment or two today...


I found your site today via a search on Tasha Tudor. I've enjoyed browsing around, and I will most certainly visit again.


Happy Tasha Tudor Day Clarice!

Thank you for a lovely post and for the apricot beverage recipe. It sounds and looks delish.

Bernideen's Tea Time Blog

You have done made Tasha proud - this is lovely!


Happy Tasha Tudor Day!
Wonderful post!


Happy TT Day my fellow Tashette!


WOW!!! I can't believe it has been a year. Happy Tasha Tudor Day!!!


What a fabulous way to celebrate Tasha's birthday! Thank you, Clarice, for sharing a delightful recipe and continuing to bring the magic that is Tasha Tudor to everyone! :) Here is my post (and thank you for visiting!!!)... Hope you are celebrating the day! xoxo


Happy Tasha Day, I did my post I'm having fun reading all the posts.


Happy Tasha Tudor Day Clarice.
Joyfully celebrating her beautiful life today.

Bjorg Nina


Wonderful post!

Pleace, visit mine:

Gumbo Lily

I'd love to come sip some of the Brandy Tea with you this afternoon. Happy Tasha Tudor Day, friend!

Diane Shepard Johnson

Dear Clarice,

We enjoyed your Tasha Tudor day post! Your A is Annabelle Apricot Aperitif sounds delicious! I love apricots, they remind me of springtime and the smell of Johnny Jump Ups!

Chloe's drawing of Annabelle is so pretty!

Here is a link to our Tasha Tudor Birthday Celebration 2012 post:

We feature honey, hollyhocks, and other Tasha Tudor delights! We have some of my photographs of Tasha Tudor.

We hope you have a delightful Tasha Tudor Day!
Diane and daughter Sarah and all the dolls and little critters at the Corgyncombe Courant


Though I knew it was coming, I didn't do a post this year. Next year for sure, as I do love Tasha Tudor. Nice tribute!


Love the look of that libation! Will have to try! Take Joy!

Rosewalk Cottage

Hi Clarise!
Happy Tasha day! I'm having a tea today in her honor. I hope you will join us.


Dear Clarice,

Happy Tasha Tudor Day! The apricot aperitif and shawl both look yummy. :)

I hope you take lots of joy today.




Happy Tasha Tudor Day! I've posted. :)


So happy to be celebrating Tasha again this year, what a special lady. I did my own tribute to her as well, kicking off another installation of Tasha Tuesdays :)

Brenda@CoffeeTea Books and Me

My Tasha Tudor post is published!

Thanks for doing this every year, it is lots of fun to participate.


Happy Tasha Tudor Day, Clarice!

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