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Cabinet Redress

Cab mak2

Do you ever just want to get rid of all you stuff and start over? That is how I feel but I cannot at this point in my life, so a makeover is called for! I will be honest and tell you this project came about because I am so lazy. As you all know (because I keep whining about it)I hate painting but did not like this big, dark cabinet in my living room.


Old cab22

Here you can see my cabinet six years ago when I first started my blog. I love the little pretzel cabin's we made for President Lincoln’s birthday. As you can see I had a bird theme and lined the back of the cabinet with scrapbook paper.

Cab mak4

For a long time I use to change out the decor of my house every three months with the season. But as I get older (and life gets busier) I find I want things simpler and simpler. I wanted this piece to blend into the wall more but I did not want to have to paint anymore of the cabinet I had to. Here is what I did, I painted only the inside of the cabinet an ever so slight shade of pink, sea salt pink. For the bottom, David cut me a piece of plywood one inch bigger than the top of the bottom piece. I covered it in cheap muslin. Then gathered the rest of the fabric and stapled it to the edge of the board. I simply painted over the staples to cover them. You cannot see it but there are three ruffles. You can lift the middle one to get inside the draws underneath.

Cab mak6

I arranged my grandmother's china and see the sweet portrait on the left? It is painted by a good friend (the same person who made my Wren doll). I am hoping she will open an Etsy shop and everyone can buy one! All the glass bottle (except the one w/ the flowers) came from a friend of my husbands. He is a diver and mentioned to David that he was getting rid of a lot of old bottles. David knows me so well and told the man I would take them. See how grouping the same thing has such impact? In the gravy boat below I have a pile of tiny salt shakers I have collected. I am very happy how this came out. It was not expensive and could be changed out easily. My living room already feels lighter and more open.


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So light and airy and pretty! There are so many things here I want to get done, but it's little by little. And I agree with you and life getting busier and focus changing as we get older. I still love my STUFF, but just want to simplify it all as much as possible.



Great makeover! Definitely bright and clean! Very well done. :)


It certainly gives a light and airy look to the cabinet - and I'm sure, your whole room. Well done!


It's beautiful!

I wish the thought of painting wood didn't give my husband heart failure. (What can I say, he has a MS degree in Wood Science.)

Actually, you have given me an idea. I need to eventually take the Royal Albert china my daughter in law will be taking (when they get out of married student's quarters) and box it up safely.

I was wondering what to do with that shelf of the china cabinet and I think putting Great Grandmother's china that we inherited there would be very pretty.

Love your "new" look! It is a timeless beauty.

Gumbo Lily

It looks great! The china really looks "at home" in it's white surroundings. I like that you left a little wood showing too.

Connie Bickerton

Love the change and the cabinet. You could always cut foam core to fit, and put wall paper or what ever you wanted to change out for the season's without having to redo painting. Love the very light pink you chose. The only problem I see is that it still has to be dusted... :-)


Sometimes just a little change can make a huge difference. Love the lighter look.


So light and clean looking! I love it! It brightens up the whole room, I'm sure.


It looks great Clarice! It's always fun to have a new look -- I'll bet you smile everytime you walk into the room and look at it!


That turned out very nice and "light" -- I would imagine maximizing "light" is important in the northwest. It is so funny how when the children are young we think when they get older we will be less busy -- but instead it seems we get busier and crave simplicity even more! Your cabinet looks lovely.

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