Just Beacuse It Makes Me Happy
Just Beacuse It Makes Me Happy

Sushi Mason Jar Salad

Sushi jarsald

Sorry I have not been around. I was in California and then lost my internet for a week but life is back to normal. Well my crazy normal!! We are still enjoying having our mason jar salads on hand. We have learned a few things though. About half the time we are finding the romain lettuce wilts in three days, so now we use broccoli slaw first. It is very hardy or you could keep the dressing in another small container. This salad was inspired by the salmon sushi my girls love. Just before eating we add sliced avocado and torn up pieces of toasted seaweed. I love the crunch it adds to the salad!!


Sushi Mason Jar Salad

sushi dressing*

broccoli slaw

sliced romain lettuce

snow pea

sliced carrots

green onions

smoked salmon

avocado, this is not added until you eat the salad

toasted, salted seaweed, not added until you eat the salad


Layer starting with dressing and working your way down the list.


* Sushi Dressing

1/4 cup of mild tasting oil, I used hemp

a few drops of toasted sesame oil

3 TBL rice vinegar

1 TBL soy sauce

ground pepper

fresh ginger juice to taste, ground fresh ginger into a paste and squeeze out juice.

wasabi paste to taste


Mix all together, taste and adjust to your liking.



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Big Red Kitchen has so many wonderful mason jar meals! Tons of salad ideas. I make up a bunch of jars each week to have ready to go.


Oh yum...sushi salad! I just adore avocado - one of the great things ever. I am loving your salad jars! xoxo


Dear Clarice,

Another great idea! You know we love our salads, and like you, have a hard time keeping them from wilting. We'll give this a try!




Missed you, missed you, missed you!

This salad looks perfect! Where are you finding these ideas? I like the Baker's Twine, too! What a clever gal you are! The other is rather pricey, isn't it??

I loved loved loved the article about you and the outdoor kitchen! So neat! I really would like to do that. Maybe this week, when I get the side yard garden done, I can put it out there! Come help me!??


Gumbo Lily

Everything you make sounds so good.


Hello dear Clarice, I am glad you are back sweetie! Your salad looks and sounds yummy! Thank you for sharing! Love, Paula xo


I find the salad keeps pretty well if you put the dressing on the bottom, then the slaw and all the other things except the lettuce and add the lettuce to the top. It stays well above the dressing that way. I like the way the other vegies absorb the dressing flavor. I usually end up with half a jar of additions and half of lettuce packed pretty closely.


Anything containing smoked salmon gets my vote!

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