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Mug rug

This weeks Pinterest is mug rugs. My mother and I were chatting about Christmas ideas she could make. I was saying the girls and I would love a mug rug. They are small.

Rug mat 2

They can be as simple as just some strips of fabric.

Rug mat 3

Or as elaborate as you want.

Mug mat 4

They can have cute tea bags

Mug mat 5

Or rick-rack edges

Mug mat 7

tea cups

Mug mat 8

Or houses

Mug mat 6

The sky is the limit. By the way check out the Scrappy Mug Rug swap.

 Image at top from That Girl, That Quilt


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Oh! I must share these with my Tuesday Night Group! We are planning on starting on our Christmas gifts now.


That is really cool. Never heard of a mug rug, but I quite like them!!! Thanks for sharing! xoxo


Very cute ideas Clarice!

Gumbo Lily

Cute as ever -- and useful too.

no spring chicken

Oh my, I am smitten right along with you. Amazing, clever people out there!

Blessings, Debbie

Linda Colantino

Well these are darling little projects! it!How are you Clarice? I fee like we've been out of touch...boohoo.


But I might spill on it! Too pretty!

I love this idea, though!! xo


I just love the beach shot! That is so up my alley!

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