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   Today is David's and I 24th wedding anniversary. I have to say I love being married and it is not hard like I was afraid it would be. It does have it moments, especially since our temperaments about as opposite as one could be but I really love being married.

    I have to share a story about this bumper sticker because it is a wonderful example of David and me. When we bought our new car, we decided we would never put a sticker on it. Don’t you hate down the road when all those stickers get old and gross? Well David went to a Promise Keepers (which greatly helped him by the way!!) and came home with this sticker. He got the last one and was so proud. He shows me the sticker saying he knew our promise and would find a way to put it on the car without “putting it on the car”. I tried not to laugh. I mean what girl in her right mind would to stop their hubby from announcing to the world he loved his wife. Rules, shmules, he could put that sticker anywhere he wanted. Heck I am not one for rules anyways but David in his usual way found a way to declare his love without breaking a rule. Every time I see that sticker not only am I reminded how much David loves me but also how different we are. David is exact, I am all over the place. He is cautious and I am go for it. He is my rock and I am his light. After 24 years, I could not ask for anything more!!


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AWWWW Clarice! This is utterly one of the sweetest things. Happy Anniversary sweetie, even though it's a bit late.


That is so beautiful, Clarice. Sounds like you have a keeper. :) Hope you had a most wonderful anniversary! xoxo


Awww... happy anniversary! Loved your post. Really. :)m Blessings, Debra


Happy Anniversary, David and Clarice! You guys are so great together. Here's to many more happy years together.


Happy Anniversary, Clarice! May you have many more; the sticker says it all.




Oh Clarice, This is a beautiful post and brought tears to my eyes! As much as I loved the story about the, I love my wife sticker, what you shared about your differences and how he is your rock and you are his light, really was wonderful! A very Happy Anniversary to you both and many, many more sweetie! xo~Paula


Happy Anniversary Clarice!!



Happy Anniversary and Congratulations to you both! What a lovely story ;) We are coming up to #14 and it just keeps on getting better. Love Gill xxx


Happy Anniversary, Clarice and David! I love being married, too. And that's a sweet sticker even if stickers are not your thing.

Gumbo Lily

Happy, happy Anniversary! Love that license plate sticker. It encourages my heart.


Happy Anniversary to you and David!



And today is my 15th anniversary! The first time around did not work for either one of us - but the second time has been a charm - and then some.

Happy Anniversary - it's so nice to be married and in love!


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