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Roasted Tomato Avocado Smoked Burger

Rost tom burg 2

I had no plans of posting this recipe (believe it or not, I do not post everything I make for my family ;-) but these were soooooooo insanely good, I had to. I mean my family was already asking me (half way through eating the burger) when I was going to make the burgers again. There is just something about the combo of the smoke from the smoked paprika and wood grilling with the sweetness from the slow roasted tomatoes and rub, plus adding the richness from the cheese and avocado, Amazing!! We enjoyed this meal with a big simple salad, corn chips with smoked salsa and some roasted red pepper hummus. I will be cooking this meal again next week!

ps, I know in the picture is looks like there is ketchup on the bun but it is just the juice from the roasted tomato.

Roasted Tomato Avocado Smoked Burger

makes 4

4 Smoked Burger*

Roasted Tomatoes, I used small/medium vine tomatoes

4 buns, we like whole wheat

avocado, sliced

Dijon mustard

sliced cheese, ideally something smoked like smoked provolone

Grill the buns, spread a little Dijon on for spiciness, top the burger with some roasted tomatoes and avocado, then enjoy!!


Smoked burger

1 pound ground meat, I used elk

1/4 cup of my smoked paprika rub

Mix together and form four burgers. Grill as you like. If you have some wood for smoking, add that to your grill. We threw on some apple wood. As soon as you pull the burgers, top with cheese so it will melt.



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Dear Clarice, This sounds so yummy. I will have to make it SCD and do without the bun, chips and hummus. I could wrap it in a big lettuce leaf and make SCD parmesan cheese crackers from Comfy Belly. Have you tried those? They are so good! Thank you for sharing your recipe! Love you, Paula xo


Hi I am having a hard time ordering your book that i would very much like to read the link that is offered with your post is not working. could you send me a link so that I can order it.
Thank you.



Gumbo Lily

As you know, we are BEEF eaters so this will definitely go into my ranch kitchen recipes! I like the idea of smoked paprika in the burgers. YOU were the one who started me using smoked paprika and I haven't quite. I went to restock my spice the other day at the health food store, but they were out. So I'm waiting for their shipment to come in. THEN....the burgers!


Mmm they not only look delicious the recipe sounds awesome. I will definitely have to try these.



Oh these sound good and eating Primal we could have them with some changes, no bun, no chips and no hummus. I pile on the condiments then wrap the burgers in large lettuce leaves.I have never tried adding wood chips to the grill but next time I will it sounds good we have lots of chips we buy to smoke salmon.


That sounds really really good! Avocados were cheap at Aldi's this week, so I have a few -- may have to put this on the menu. Maybe with portobello's rather than beef (since we just had burgers last night).

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