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Homemade Hair Care

Chloe hair2

    Besides looking at all the additives and chemicals in the food my family is eating, I am also looking at what is in my hair/skin care. I guess I want simple, simple food, simple body/hair care, simple life! The simpler the more my body seems to likes it. The simpler, the happier I am! I have been using a homemade shampoo for a couple of months now. It took a few tweaks to find a blend I like (I started with this coconut milk shampoo and tweaked the recipe. I encourage you to play with it and find what your hair likes). I have to say I LOVE my homemade shampoo. I can actually see my hair healing itself. It is shinier, has more of a curl and less frizz. Both my mother and a good friend have tried this shampoo and love it also.

    BUT I will be honest and tell you both my girls hate it! Now for Auberne` it is understandable. She has totally different hair than me, thick, curly, almost wiry. She should probably do the no-poo method but she is not ready for that. Chloe, who has hair just like me (thin, fine and wavy) hated the shampoo too. I think it is because your hair does not have that slick feel when it is wet after washing. It is a bit hard to comb through but very soft when it dries. I am assuming that slick feel comes from chemicals they put in shampoo. So the shampoo does take a bit getting use.

    For conditioner I rub raw coconut oil on my hair (but not near my scalp). Also every three weeks I do a super shine. Also I should say we do not wash our hair every day, more like every 5-6 days. But I encourage you to try it. It make a small batch so if you hate it, you have not waste a lot. The next product I want to try making is my own anti-frizz serum! I have to say, that I like that I can make things myself. It makes me less dependant. Also I want my daughters to not be dependant. When they live on their own, I am sure money will be tight. The more that can do for themselves, save their pennies and be healthier for it, is a simple win-win in my book!


Homemade Shampoo

1/3 cup Dr. Bronner's soap

1/4 cup canned coconut milk, I use regular, you could try light and see if it has enough fat to moisturizer your hair

2 TBL. baking soda

1 TBL. vinegar, I use raw apple

1/8 tsp castor oil

you can add a few drops of essential oil for fragrance if you want.

Add all ingredients in a container and shake together. Keep in fridge and give a good shake when you use it. I keep mine is a plastic squeeze bottle. I use an amount the size of a quarter. Since I have long hair I wash my scalp, rinse, then wash all my hair and rinse again well.


Roasted Tomato Avocado Smoked Burger

Rost tom burg 2

I had no plans of posting this recipe (believe it or not, I do not post everything I make for my family ;-) but these were soooooooo insanely good, I had to. I mean my family was already asking me (half way through eating the burger) when I was going to make the burgers again. There is just something about the combo of the smoke from the smoked paprika and wood grilling with the sweetness from the slow roasted tomatoes and rub, plus adding the richness from the cheese and avocado, Amazing!! We enjoyed this meal with a big simple salad, corn chips with smoked salsa and some roasted red pepper hummus. I will be cooking this meal again next week!

ps, I know in the picture is looks like there is ketchup on the bun but it is just the juice from the roasted tomato.

Roasted Tomato Avocado Smoked Burger

makes 4

4 Smoked Burger*

Roasted Tomatoes, I used small/medium vine tomatoes

4 buns, we like whole wheat

avocado, sliced

Dijon mustard

sliced cheese, ideally something smoked like smoked provolone

Grill the buns, spread a little Dijon on for spiciness, top the burger with some roasted tomatoes and avocado, then enjoy!!


Smoked burger

1 pound ground meat, I used elk

1/4 cup of my smoked paprika rub

Mix together and form four burgers. Grill as you like. If you have some wood for smoking, add that to your grill. We threw on some apple wood. As soon as you pull the burgers, top with cheese so it will melt.


Just Becuase It Makes Me Happy (and a winner)

Bee lables

Happy May day, this weeks Pinterest are these wonderful This Sunday Child labels. They are free download, check them out!

I am happy to announce the numbers generator picked the winner of my giveaway Anne, Fiona and Twig. Congratulations, I will e-mail you. Now all you have to decide is if you want a copy of Wren Bay or my baking book. Thank you everyone for joining in and all you kind comments. I have made so many kindred spirits here at my little blog xox