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    Besides looking at all the additives and chemicals in the food my family is eating, I am also looking at what is in my hair/skin care. I guess I want simple, simple food, simple body/hair care, simple life! The simpler the more my body seems to likes it. The simpler, the happier I am! I have been using a homemade shampoo for a couple of months now. It took a few tweaks to find a blend I like (I started with this coconut milk shampoo and tweaked the recipe. I encourage you to play with it and find what your hair likes). I have to say I LOVE my homemade shampoo. I can actually see my hair healing itself. It is shinier, has more of a curl and less frizz. Both my mother and a good friend have tried this shampoo and love it also.

    BUT I will be honest and tell you both my girls hate it! Now for Auberne` it is understandable. She has totally different hair than me, thick, curly, almost wiry. She should probably do the no-poo method but she is not ready for that. Chloe, who has hair just like me (thin, fine and wavy) hated the shampoo too. I think it is because your hair does not have that slick feel when it is wet after washing. It is a bit hard to comb through but very soft when it dries. I am assuming that slick feel comes from chemicals they put in shampoo. So the shampoo does take a bit getting use.

    For conditioner I rub raw coconut oil on my hair (but not near my scalp). Also every three weeks I do a super shine. Also I should say we do not wash our hair every day, more like every 5-6 days. But I encourage you to try it. It make a small batch so if you hate it, you have not waste a lot. The next product I want to try making is my own anti-frizz serum! I have to say, that I like that I can make things myself. It makes me less dependant. Also I want my daughters to not be dependant. When they live on their own, I am sure money will be tight. The more that can do for themselves, save their pennies and be healthier for it, is a simple win-win in my book!


Homemade Shampoo

1/3 cup Dr. Bronner's soap

1/4 cup canned coconut milk, I use regular, you could try light and see if it has enough fat to moisturizer your hair

2 TBL. baking soda

1 TBL. vinegar, I use raw apple

1/8 tsp castor oil

you can add a few drops of essential oil for fragrance if you want.

Add all ingredients in a container and shake together. Keep in fridge and give a good shake when you use it. I keep mine is a plastic squeeze bottle. I use an amount the size of a quarter. Since I have long hair I wash my scalp, rinse, then wash all my hair and rinse again well.



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Tierney Barden

I love this recipe and the whole idea of getting back to basics, starting right at home. Thanks for the inspiration Clarice! You always find the neatest things.

Children of Eve

This looks great idea, as all of your posts are. I am going to rub coconut oil into my daughters hair tomorrow, if she will let me!

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest

Love this idea! I don't daily shampoo either. I find it dries my hair out. I've used the coconut oil as a skin moisturizer as well on my hair a few times.

Gumbo Lily

I'm a curly girl and so I don't shampoo daily either. I tried the no poo and that just didn't work for me. I use very little shampoo, but plenty of conditioner. This sounds like an interesting concoction.


What a great idea, Clarice! Thank you for sharing the "recipe" for the shampoo. :) xoxo


Dear Clarice,

I love your shampoo recipe; I just bought some coconut milk, so I'll have to copy you and make some up tonight. :) We don't wash our hair daily, either, it makes it too dry!




I forgot to say how I love this capture of your beautiful Chloe! Her hair is gorgeous and her outfit is fabulous! I decided to let my hair grow long again, so I haven't got it cut in a couple of months. It is growing out, albeit slowly! :) xo


Hi sweet Clarice, I love this! You are brilliant! I will have to try it. It is very rewarding to make your own beauty products because you know exactly what is in them, just like preparing all of your food from scratch! As you said, it makes you independent and saves money, as well as being so much safer and healthier! I have used Aubrey Organics shampoo and cream rinse for 16 years and it is the purest I know of that you can purchase. The girls may want to try it since they did not like the homemade. Thank you for sharing sweetie! You always inspire me! I think lavender or rose essential oil would be wonderful! Oh, rosemary is very good for your hair and scalp too. I think chamomile would be soothing as well. So much you could try with this! Love you, Paula xo

wayside wanderer

Have your girls tried using the coconut oil first as a preconditioner? Apply to dry hair before shampooing, let it sit a few minutes, then shampoo as usual? This is what I do and it gives that soft feeling without being greasy. I love the way it feels, and it holds my curls and defines them in a way plain conditioner doesn't. Maybe it would work the same for your homemade 'poo? I can't do the oil after I shampoo because it is too oily for me.


gonna try it Clarice! i was searching your blog yesterday for the general ice cream recipe. i ended up finding it in my email. i'm lactose intolerant so tried it with soymilk and blueberries....had some issues but am going to eat it tonight. you are a regular "go to" in my house! thought you would like to know!


I love ideas like this - thanks so much for sharing!

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