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This week's Pinertrest is ideas for your garden!!

1. Grow your own celery  and another post you can also do this with romain lettuce, 2. Recycled soda bottle sprinkler, 3. DIY berry picker, I think this is the most brilliant thing on this list!! 4. Square-foot template, 5. Use a pallet as a raised bed , 6. Seed starter soil blocks, 7. Lemon peel seed starter , 8. Make your plants leafier, greener, larger , 9. Bike rim pole bean trellis

Lastly a great tip from LaTeaDah  (thank you xox). Type in your zip and find out what seeds you can plant this week!!


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Lovely garden inspiration!!!!


Gotta love Pinterest!


Hi sweet Clarcie! What fabulous garden tips! I love the recycled soda bottle sprinkler and using the palette for raised beds! They are all wonderful! Love, Paula xo


Dear Clarice,

So fun! I forgot that you can re-plant celery like that, and I didn't know about Romaine. You learn something new every day, it's true! :)




Great gardening I just wish it would warm up around here...brrr!


no spring chicken

I can see what you've been thinking about! Great ideas...

Blessings, Debbie


Well done searching out these great tips, Clarice...I can certainly use some of them :) I wonder if you know the chemical formula for epsom salts, so I can ask at the pharmacy for it?

Spring is well on its way here, the first wild flowers are out and just this afternoon, I saw that the very first swans have returned to our lake! Hurrah...Happy Spring!


Spring Inspiration!!

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