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From a Skirt To a Shirt and Back Again!


Chloe will be 16 in a little less than a month and she is turning into to quite a fashionista (and a lot like her mother but do not tell her that. I mean she is wearing my red heels!!). She loves to stretch her wardrobe and find new ways to wear her clothes. She came downstairs the other day in this ensemble and I had to share!


I was impressed. She took a skirt and pulled it up  under her arms. But pulled the back down just a little more than the front. Added a little shell sweater and a wide belt.


And wah-laa, a cute peplum top. Great reuse Chloe and you can always use it as a skirt again!!



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Children of Eve

That's pretty cute, I must say.


Oh I like Chloe's creativity. Both looks are really cute.


You definitely have a budding fashionista on your hands! She looks great - and such a creative outfit, too!!!! xoxo


Dear Clarice,

What a great idea! I can see a future designer in your household. :)




Very, Very Clever Chloe!


What beautiful outfits! I would have never thought of this. Thank you
for sharing this. I will tells my girls about this great idea!


Gumbo Lily

She's got a good eye for fashion.
Great outfits.


Such a great idea...looks great. Does she want to have a career in the fashion industry?


how very clever! It looks great both ways!


So cleverly creative! She has given new meaning to 'repurpose'.


That is one clever girl you have there. I'm still thinking about the steam punk red coat she made herself for a costume.


Dear Clarice, Chloe is so creative and beautiful! I love both of her outfits. She has a wonderful eye for fashion! xo~ Paula


Beautiful both ways! I do sometimes long for 16 again - though not often!

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