Just Becuase It Makes Me Happy
Just Becuase It Makes Me Happy

Brown Sugar Covered Strawberry Sour Cream Ice Cream

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    Even though it is still wintry here, I have decided my ice cream maker is collecting too much dust. Time to start making ice cream again. Last year Mrs. Staggs asked me if I could make an ice cream like the strawberries you dip in sour cream and then brown sugar (which is one of my favorite things in the world by the way!) Well I have not forgotten Mrs. Staggs (sorry it took me so long to get to it. I do not know which way is up)!!

     I played with the recipe a bit and tried adding the brown sugar to the ice cream itself but the only problem is the sugar melts. One of the things I love about strawberries dipped in sour cream and then brown sugar, is the sugar crunch. I wanted to keep the crunch!!!

    So an easy solution, sprinkle the sugar on top of the ice cream. I like it! You can try mixing in 1/2 cup of brown sugar at the very end of making the cream and see how you like it? One should aways play with a recipe to suit their palate. Thank you Mrs. Staggs for the suggestion, it was a yummy challenge xox

Strawberry bsugar1


Brown Sugar Covered Strawberry Sour Cream Ice Cream 

1 1/2 cups sour cream

1 1/2 cups heavy cream

2 cups strawberries *

1/2 cup sweetener

pinch of salt

1 TBL. light rum **

brown sugar for garnish

Blend all ingredients in a blender except brown sugar until smooth. Then pour mixture in the ice cream maker and mix for 30 minutes. Transfer ice cream to a container and keep in freezer.


* I like to use frozen strawberries and let them partially thaw. If you let them fully thaw then all the juices runs out of the strawberries and changes the texture of the ice cream. So I let the frozen strawberries sit in a bowl on my counter about 30 minutes before using.

** Rum is optional. A little bit of alcohol in your ice cream keeps it softer but is not a have to.



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Thank you Clarice, you are so sweet to give this a try for me.



Hi sweet Clarice! This looks and sounds so yummy!!! Beautiful photos and wonderful recipe! You are so creative!!!! Love, Paula xoxo


Ooooh, Yummy! That ice cream looks delicious. We're getting in the ice cream feeling back here -- it's unseasonably warm this week!


How SWEET is this!!!! Not only does it sound good, but it looks so pretty, too. Thank you, Clarice! xoxo


OOoo, this looks soooo good! Makes me think of summer and warmer days. What a great idea!

Gumbo Lily

I would like to taste that! Look scrummy!


I have never thought to put sour cream with strawberies, although thinking way, way back, I recall a friend who grew up in Cornish clotted cream country and they always had the scrapings of the clotted cream pan (just going slightly sour and no longer saleable...) with their stawberries. I shall definitely try this recipe. Thank you Clarice, and thank you to Mrs.Staggs too.


Oh Winter or Not... This sounds Delicious.. :)


Oh my - I've never heard of such a thing! I confess to not being a huge ice-cream fan (I know that there's something wrong with that!) - but - the day before we pulled out of St. Petersburg a few weeks ago - I had a cone with salted caramel ice-cream. Oh My God! I have never tasted anything so wonderful. It was probably a good thing that it was our last day - I would have been eating it everyday if I'd known how delicious it was.

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