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Jelary candle 3

    I was given at the most beautiful 1930's French souvenir bracelet as a Christmas gift from a dear friend (thank you, you know who you are. I am besotted!!) I love this bracelet soo much and did not want to put it away when I was not wearing it but I also wanted to be able to easily retrieve it when I did want to wear it.

Jewlary candle

    I came up with a simple way to display the bracelet. Taking an old candle, drapping the bracelet around it and pinned it to the back of the candle with push pins.

Jewlary  candle 2

    I can simple pull out the pins, when I want to wear the bracelet and pin it back when I want to display it. A simple, easy way to make the most of what I love!!

Jewlary candle 4


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Sharon D.

What a wonderful idea Clarice! I love the bracelet. Hmm, I think I may need to look through my jewelry box now :)

Have a blessed evening!


Beautiful bracelet and clever idea!



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