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Make The Most of Your Fridge

Fridge 1

    Well my house is in HUGE chaos. I have no ceiling in my kitchen (we have to replace the upstairs toilet but first have to level the floor). Half the time all the walls in the kitchen are covered in sheets of plastic, I have a makeshift kitchen in my living room, there is furniture and stuff everywhere. Plus it will be like this for a couple of months. My wonderful hubby does beautiful work but is veryyyyy slow. 

   However in the mist off all this craziness, I got a new fridge!! A LG 31 cu. The fridge part is 20 cu. It is so big and bright (see the lights on the side, as well as the top?). I have only had dumpy hand-me-down fridges in the past, so this is very exciting for me. The fridge has it's own air filtration system. Plus I have never had a fridge with water and ice!  And when I can cook in my kitchen again :-0 I will have a wonderful fridge to hold everything.

   As you can see, I have my little bouquet of fresh sag, in my Tasha Tudor pink luster-wear pitcher. I think Tasha would approve. Well of the bouguet at lest. There is cooked artichokes, raw milk,  candy cane syrup, ranch dressing from TJ (a treat for the girls. I think mine is better but I will not argue with them), grapefruits (I am addict to them right now) and my bad hubby's bottle of coke. Shock :-O All my jar jams corralled in a plastic bin and as you can see, there is so much more.

    Now you have a peek of my life. Here is some fun fridge ideas to help you make the most of your fridge xox

Fridge collage

Picture 1 Fridge dill pickles, Picture 2 S`mores refridgerator cake, Picture 3 Magnets, Picture 4 organize and clean, Picture 5 Make it colorful, Picture 6 spicy nectarine fridge pickles, Picture 7 soft refridgerator rolls


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Children of Eve

Tea cans up with magnets, great idea...will do.


Congrats on the new fridge!!! :) I am sure yo uwill be keeping it well stocked with lots of wonderful goodies!


Jam in a basket, what a good idea. I need to do that.

Porch Days

Great Fridge! We bought the largest size they make and were happy to sacrifice the cabinets above to make room. We are painting our cabinets but doing a little at a time so the mess is not bad. It will be so worth it when yours is done.

no spring chicken

What heaven! We purchased a brand new 'fridge about 15 years ago. I was so excited until I realized that the spot where the 'fridge must live is much smaller than all of the wonderful choices out there. Instead of, what would we like, and what does our family need? The question became is there one here that will fit? Ah well... somehow we manage, and it does have an icemaker! ;)

Blessings, Debbie


I love these ideas - and by the way, I love your new fridge too!!

I have been in a mess for the last two months so I can truly sympathize with you about everything! Your fridge looks so wonderful, nice and neat. I have the same blue casserole dish, but I would love to have the beautiful pitcher... ;0)

It gets better . . . I promise it's all worth it! Hang in there!


Linda Colantino

Looking good!


Congrats on the new fridge! It's amazing what a difference a new appliance can make.

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest

Wow it's so big and bright! I had to replace mine last year but opted not to get the water and ice - it was hard finding one that didn't offer that!


That looks like a wonderful fridge! And so well organized. Love it!


Oooh, how fun and exciting. She looks like a beauty. Congratulations!!!

Gumbo Lily

WONDERFUL Fridge! Mine is dying a slow death so I'm not replacing it just yet, but I did do something to make better use of my fridge space. I put in two 12" turntables. Let me tell you, it's revolutionized my fridge. I can see everything and reach everything and it seems like there's more space.

Hang in there. Your house will be so nice when it's all fixed up.



What a great fridge! :)
We replaced ours a couple of years ago, but it is just a plain would be nice to have the water and ice!
Enjoy your new fridge and I hope things go well with the house repairs!



Congratulations on your new fridge Clarice!!! I finally got a new one last year and am loving it. I recently purchased some of those containers to organize and I love placing my herbs in a small vase or pitcher, sometimes a flower just to make me smile when I open it :)
Have a blessed day and thanks for sharing those sites. I love the magnet idea.



Nice! I usually don't like magnets and such on the outside of my refrigerator, but I am really liking those tea tins. I have white bins like in the one picture, that I got from the dollar store and have them in my big upright freezer, to keep different meats and other frozen items organized and separated so I can keep track better.


Wow! Amazing size! and lighting! When everything is all said and done, and your fridge is where it belongs, your hubby can have as much soda as he wants!

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