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"It is important to make my outdoor-kitchen space attractive so I'll want to be there."


Hobby farm

I was fortunate enough to be interviewed by Lisa Kivirist about outdoor kitchens for Hobby Farm Home Magazine. It is such a fun subject, Lisa was great to chat with (it turns out we have friends) and something we all need to make the most of. I wanted to thank Lisa (and Hobby Farm). I already knew Lisa as I have read several of her articles and heard about her amazing B & B, Inn Serendipity. She just came out with a new cookbook Farmstead Chef. It is a really interesting look at sustainable living and cooking. I want to try her Beer Cheese Soup  recipe soon. I recommend it!! By the way, the article says I live on 100 acres, I wish! I live on an acre and half but I will take 100 acres :-) If you get a chance check out the cooking alfresco article!!



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I just read this article today. Very inspiring. I am planning my own outdoor kitchen.


How wonderful! I am going to look for this tomorrow! Congratulations!

I have missed you!

Sharon D.

How exciting! I saw the post a couple of days ago and was hoping to find the magazine when I was out and about but haven't yet. I will be sure to check it out when it's here. Congratulations Clarice! What a blessing!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Congratulations, Clarice! That is fabulous news!!!! :)


That's lovely, Clarice. I've enjoyed this magazine from time to time. I'll have to seek this issue out.

Best wishes!


Wonderfully Clarice, is there an online version of the magazine? Oo I'd also take the 100 acres :)

Tierney Barden

Congratulations Clarice!

Tierney Barden

I'm getting in line for a copy too!

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest

Oh my gosh! That is one of my favorite magazines!! I can't wait to get that issue and see you in it!



I'll have to look for that! I love the pictures.


How fun! Congratulations Clarice!


Wonderful! I am familiar with the magazine and plan to check out your interview soon! And -beer-cheese soup? Two of my favorite food groups!



Congratulations Clarice. I wish i could read the article, it doesn't look like they have digital issues yet.

I am just back from a beekeeping course...so I shall be setting up a couple of hives come spring. Can't wait to get back out into the garden! Gill xxx


Congratulations Clarice!
I'm not sure if we get Hobby Farm Home Magazine in Canada ~ I will look for it :-)


Awesome and congrats! I have that issue but havent really dug into it very deep yet. Generally I just browse them till I get time to really sit and read it all. But Ill check it out. :)


Congratulations, Clarice! I'll look up this article.


Congratulations on your interview and your NEW 100 acre Woods.... :)


A great magazine! I have to find this issue--congratulations!



Oh my gosh! I have this very magazine too! I will have to look through more thoroughly now.:) Congrats!


Yay, Clarice! You're famous-again! How cool.
Love, Angie


That's marvelous! I will look for it when I'm at Barnes and Noble -- hope they carry it. Borders (which I miss every single week!) always carried did.


Dear Clarice,

Yay! Even better than MaryJane's Farm! :) I'm going to have to go get a copy for myself.



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