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A Gluten, Dairy, Egg, Soy & More Elimination Diary

Snow 1172012

    As many of you know, last summer Chloe was having severe abdominal pain. We thought she might be allergic to gluten, so we put her (actully all of us) on a month long elimination diet. No diary, eggs, soy, chocolate (that was a hard one), night shade veggies and citrus. It is hard to be 15 and not eat pizza or pasta with red sauce. Chocolate and cheese were the foods she missed the most.

    Still I was determined we would all eat well. This was not going to be a month of loss but of gain. We would look at this as a new challenge and would eat well. Boy did we eat well! I cooked my butt off even though we found out hubby had shingles and then the girls got chicken pox. We survived, they did well and healed quickly.

    Anyways, I kept a diary of all the dinners we ate. Even though it ended up Chloe is not allergic to anything (thanks goodness and has been pain free for months!!) we are still making some of the recipes and incorporating a more gluten free diet. I thought I would  share with you our diary and links to some of the recipes we used. I hope it inspires anyone with has to go on an elimination diet or anyone who wants to eat a more healthy!!

PS. It was quite a snow storm last week. Poulsbo did not get the ice but lots of snow. This is a view out my bedroom window at 7:30 in the morning. Can you see the lights reflecting off the water?


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Well if you've read my blog you know we eat Primal and that means basically no white stuff and all food is prepared not packaged, no grains or sugar, corn or potatoes. If a person can do it this is a wonderful healthful way to treat your body. So many people seem to be allergic today to gluten these days.
We're hogging snow up here in Alaska it just won't quit coming down!!

no spring chicken

What a treasure. I was just discussing the food that we put into our bodies and what happens when we get lazy (I've been lazy). I found our conversation motivational and now you've given it an exclamation point! Thanks.

Blessings, Debbie


Yay! You got snow! I'm all for everyone having snow LOL!


Dear Clarice,

I'm so glad that Chloe is not allergic to things, but look at all the food exploring you were able to do! :)

The snow is so beautiful with the sun on the waters.




We are trying to make more healthy choices in our family... my sister and I, consciously, the family, just eating what we prepare! Have you seen the Clean Eating Magazine? It has some good recipes, all based on going back to simple eating. It does require more preparation, none of the processed and packaged foods we're used to eating, but you feel better with it. Check out . Lots of good ideas and recipes. Thanks for sharing your diary!


First, I must say that the view from your bedroom window is spectacularly beautiful! As for your recipes - I have never thought to include the ingredients that you took out of your stew - I can wait to put them in!


That photo is breathtaking! What a wonderful view you have! I am glad you are all better and that you don't have to follow such a restrictive diet (but how empowering to know you CAN and do it so WELL!).

They say we here in west Tennessee are feeling the effects of El Nino, with our roller coaster temps -- one day in the 30's then the next close to 70, along with tornado watches and warnings in January. Strange weather.

Linda Colantino

Really beautiful pix. Are you all well now? Quite the storm. We only had one day of snow here and then it was gone. TONS of rain and it's with us again today...sigh. Had a nice break yesterday. Miss you.


I am so glad that Chloe is feeling better. Thank you for sharing your elimination diary - there are some mighty tasty treats on that list...definitely some that I would like to try. It never hurts to make moderations to one's diet. :) That photo is SO beautiful, Clarice! Looks like something out of a picture book...a magical winter fairy land! xoxo


Isn't that pre-dawn blue light fantastic? We call it Blåtime here (legend has it that the Blånisse make it with blueberry juice...)
Good to hear Chloe is non-allergenic (!)and that you are all feeling better.
We are forecast Arctic storms later this week, on top of the 20" or so of snow we already have. We are staying cosy and busy indoors with a new readaloud (The History Keepers bk 1)and lots of felting to make Valentines. Happy Snowdays! Love Gill.

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