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We Wish You

"Those wishes in her heart were more than mere dreams; they were the strings pulling her towards the path of her life."


    The snow lightly drops icy, delicate flakes around Wren. Each one a masterpiece, telling the power and creativity of their creator.

    “How? Why, would someone put such thought into a tiny speck of water?” Wren ponders to herself as she sits by the frozen lake. “I mean, they could just be tiny balls of ice and leave it at that.”

    Lily and Wren have been reading about a gentleman, Mr. Wilson Bentley of Jericho, Vermont, who has been photographing snowflakes for over 30 years. After taking Lily to an exhibit of his work, both of them are fascinated with snowflakes.

    Again a reminder of the importance of observing nature! How the tiny details in the world around us are worthy of our time and observation! Mr. Bentleyunderstands this. His passion and dedication to his subject is humbling to Wren. It seemed to her, Mr. Bentley’s eyes lit up as he spoke of his work at his exhibition. Wren is not sure, if like him, she could stand for hours and hours out in the snow with hopes of capturing one photo of a perfect snowflake.

    Was she focused and determined like Mr. Bentley? Was she giving her full heart and attention to what she was created for? Those wishes in her heart were more than mere dreams; they were the strings pulling her towards the path of her life.

    With Christmas here and the end of the year around the corner, Wren makes a promise to God and herself to seek her wishes with a full heart and clear determination. She reminds herself not all her wishes may come true but she will have faith and do the hard work necessary.



Wren, I and my family (the girls say hi!!)

would like to wish you a Merry Christmas, a happy Holiday and a blessed New Year.

Every New Year is filled with opportunities, challenges, blessings and trials.

I pray you are filled with wishes and a determination this New Year xox


ps. I am taking a little break and will be back in two weeks (unless I am dying to tell you something) !!

Image from All The Beautiful Things



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Tracey McBride~Frugal Luxuries ®

Happy New Year sweetie! x0x


I hope you're enjoying your time off - Happy New Year, Clarice! I wish for you many blessings in 2012.


I've finally managed a catch-up Clarice! I looks like you've had a fun time preparing for Christmas -- I hope it was wonderful!!!


Dear Clarice,

Wren never ceases to inspire! A merry belated Christmas to you.



Gumbo Lily

Blessed, Merry Christmas to you and yours.
Happy New Year!


Love to hear more about your gal, Wren!

Sending you wishes for a marvelous New Year!


What a super special treat - more WREN! Thank you, Clarice!!!! Wishing you a (late) Merry Christmas. Enjoy your break with your family! I hope the New Year brings you much joy and light! xoxo

Tracey McBride~Frugal Luxuries ®

Wishing you and your family a blessed and prosperous new year my kind friend!
Sending love and good thoughts, as always. :)
P.S. Enjoy your quiet time!


A very Merry Christmas to you and your family!


Very sweet Clarice!!!

I pray that you and your family have a wonderful and blessed Christmas! Have a relaxing 2 weeks off too! (I enjoyed your steampunk theme this year :))



Really beautiful. I hope to break new ground in my life this year. Love you. Mom

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