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A Steampunk Wreath

Stp wreath 2

So our theme this year is, taadaa, steampunk! Actually I did not have a theme this year (shock, because I have had one every year, for like forever) but about two months ago, the girls and I were talking and they said they thought a steampunk Christmas would be fun. I said what the heck. I did a Victorian Christmas a couple of years ago and though I could use some of that, with a lot of tartan plaid and the girls steampunk stuff, it would make an intersting theme.

Stp wreath 1

The first thing I have to share with you is our wreath this year. It is my favorite thing we made. I love the steampunk angel wings Auberne` made for her costume. I knew I had to use them somehow. I took an old, rusted wheel, added some ribbon, a glittered chipboard gear and Auberne`s wings. Whaalaa, I think it is soo sweet and cool all at the same time!!


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It is definitely a steampunk holiday at your home!!!! This is quite a clever decoration!!!! I just love the steampunk look! xoxo

Gumbo Lily

I don't know anything about Steampunk, but the wreath is very creative and *cool.*

Tracey McBride~Frugal Luxuries ®

Hahahah...very clever and cute!!! It's fun when the kids start taking over the holiday decorating! That's how we raised think outside the box and let their creativity reign.


How interesting! I don't know much about Steam Punk. It hasn't hit the Blue Ridge Mountains yet! LOL


It's so interesting that you did this as this year in our little Alaska town of Homer the Nutcracker was done to a Steam Punk theme. No it didn't really work well for us older people but I think the kids liked it as they don't go so far back with traditions as we do. Nan

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