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I do not know about you but I need a little serenity today! It is hard to not feel overwhelmed this time of year. Our Christmas is early, I only have 6 days left! Not one package wrapped, I do not have my menu nailed down. We were suppose to make candy yesterday but ended up running errands. A good friend of mine is helping her 101 yrd. Grandmother move into a nursing home!! Life is busy and there are soooooo many things we want to do, need to do. Gosh I had some girlfriends over the other day and I served store bought cookies and used pre-made pie crust for the hand pies. (Shock, thank goodness for Trader Joes).

I am trying to embrace what I can do and let go of what I cannot. I am trying to stop and enjoy the season. I spent a half an hour last night, just staring at our Christmas tree. I sat as low as I could on the couch looking up at our 9 foot tree, remembering how as a little girl I loved to lie under the tree and look up in it branches.  Enjoy these next few weeks. I am off to make candy and if something happens, oh well, I can buy some good chocolate. Love you  xoxo



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That is the most beautiful photo. I have been staring at it for the last several minutes. Just staring and breathing, enjoying its beauty and letting go. Thanks for the reminder!


How beautiful! I agree. Serenity is what we need. We went up in the mountains to get our tree today and I took a little walk alone then stood as still as I could for a moment to take in the tremedous silence. The only sound was a distant raven's call...lovely!

On the way home we stopped to visit my grandmother in the nursing home. We decorated her bulletin board with tinsel, holly and glittery snowflakes. She looked up and said "Is it Winter?"
One (perhaps the only) advantage of being 101 years old and forgetful is that there is no Christmas stress!

Glad you took a moment to sit still and looked at your beautiful tree.
Love, Angie


Wow -- what a gorgeous picture. It sounds like you have your holiday well under control -- even though there's not much time left. Isn't it interesting -- it seems like the more I have to do, the more I spend time gazing at the Christmas tree. Hmmm. And thanks for that tumblr link -- ohmygosh, I got lost browing there....


Love all that you have pinned! Do what you can and forget the rest. Have fun. Love your family and friends. Celebrate what you believe and MOST OF ALL, be grateful that you can choose!

Hugs hugs hugs... M


That is one GORGEOUS!!!! Picture.... :) I think it's all the early Commercialism that makes the Seasons go by so quickly... Or maybe it's just me.. :)


I hear you, Clarice. The time is just flying right by. We are still creating Christmas gifts for family. Then they must be mailed! $$$ for shipping!!! :( Today I actually wrapped my hubby's gifts and finally sent out all the holiday cards. Little by little. Lots of deep breaths need to be taken. Your Pinterest photo is absolutely lovely. You DO get a sense of serenity from viewing that!!! xoxo

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