Raw Sesame Truffle, gluten/sugar/dairy/egg free
A Steampunk Wreath


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Cute! I can see where it would make anyone happy.

Tracey McBride~Frugal Luxuries ®

Me too Clarice...I love love love Rosemary...it grows so easily and offers itself for so many lovely purposes...from decorating to medicinal!


Not only is it decorative but tasty, too! Thanks for sharing this - what a great appetizer!


What a festive idea!


Holy cow, that is too pretty to eat. You have gotten ME to look at Pinterest, too! I love it! So many wonderful ideas. How can people be so creative?? I can't wait to see your Christmas theme!

Have a glorious day!

Gumbo Lily

It makes me hungry! Great idea!


So creative!
Also the post below with the treats is one I can actually eat on my Paleo/Primal plan and I would use almond butter as I'm not real fond of the sesame butter.


Hello Clarice :)

How fun! I actually found that last night and thought 'How perfect!".

Have a blessed weekend!


I agree wholeheartedly... love the wreath!


Hehehe, that's one of my pins too! I love rosemary. This is such a simple and festive idea!~

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