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Mini Steampunk Tree

Christmas Menu


Good day, I have 3 days left until our Christmas eve and do not feel too behind!! Thought I would share our menu's. I am quite thrilled because normally we could never afford a prime rib but we bought half a cow (grass feed!!) this year. So it is quite a treat! This is the tree in our library and where I hide out!! I love to displaymy red transferwear in it. So what are you cooking this Christmas? xoxo

Christmas Eve

Grilled tuna with a Lemon Caper sauce

orange/pomegranate salad with a simple vinaigrette

french bread and brie cheese

Olive Wreath

sparking white wine

cookies and candies we have been making


Christmas Morning

Overnight Potato Sausage bake

Overnight eggnog french toast (made with almond milk)

Fresh fruit



Christmas Dinner

Mushroom soup garnished with sour cream and sherry

Prim Rib

Yorkshire pudding

Creamed spinach

Roasted fennel with onions and bacon

Peppermint chocolate filled crepes

Brandy mincemeat pie

pumpkin pie (dairy free and gluten free)



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Oh my goodness! I think I am drooling! LOL This sounds so delicious. I can share our Christmas eve dinner - we always dine on lobster tails, with brussels sprouts and wild rice pilaf. My mom is going Italian for the holiday - she makes this really cheesy yummy baked ziti, turkey meatballs, salad and bread. I am making a gingerbread trifle with blackberry sauce and lemon curd. xoxo


Dear Clarice,

Your tree is beautiful, and your menu looks delicious! I am so happy for you that you have holly; I have just been learning that the Colonists used it as a tea substitute.




Your library looks lovely! And your menus are yum. Since we now host the Christmas Day dinner due to my parents' age, my parents' contribution is to always purchase a prime rib for cooked for the dinner (otherwise we could never afford it either!). My youngest sister hosts a Christmas Eve Open House for our family and her husband's family, which is potluck. I usually just take something simple from Aldi's or Costco to that, since the Christmas Day Dinner is not potluck, and I have to do all the cooking then (everyone that comes to that is either too young or too old or traveled too far to contribute in a meaningful way -- youngest sister goes to her in-laws xmas day).


Sounds delicious! Anything in a lemon caper sauce works for me!


What time is dinner?? It sounds marvelous!

We have our traditional shrimp and Greek Salad, complete with lots of feta cheese and OLIVES!!! Yummers!

Have a wonderful, wonderful holiday!




Yummy! Love the little library tree.
Merry Christmas!

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