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Altered Pocket Watches


The last thing I wanted to share was our favorite ornament we made, altered pocket watches. This one is Auberne`s.

Pockwa 3

This is Chloe's and below, is mine. I have to say, I am so glad I take the time and money to do these projects because it creates memories. The girls and I will carry forever the love that goes into these Christmas themes. Each Christmas we pull out different trinkets and "we remember the year we did such and such." Instantly it bring us back to that time, what was happening, what we loved, what disasters we created. These are memories that hold us together as a family.

Pockwat 1

Linda and us 2

I also have to share the wonderful pocket watches Linda made us. It is amazing because Linda had not seen ours but look how hers so reflect what we were doing. Linda was in WA and came for tea with her hubby (Hi Jim!!). She was able to see our steampunk tree and how beautiful her ornaments looked with ours. Thank you Linda for the presents but mostly for you love and friendship. We adore you xox

Pokwat collage


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Clarice, just sitting down to catch up on your lovely blog. I love the pictures, including the happy picture of you all! I love steampunk! Oh my, the stuff that is modest/Victorian, but so out there in a steampunk way! I love all your posts and pictures, as usual!



Those are just SO amazing, Clarice!!!! I love them. Hooray for Steampunk Christmas. Such a lovely photo of you and the girls. :) xoxo


These are just lovely! And - so clever


Incredible creativity and so original, dear Clarice. Isn't it lovely to have handmade items that the children have put their hearts into. We are still at the pipecleaner elf stage, but each twist of wool wrapping the pipecleaners is done with such concentration and loving intent. Each year new treasures for the tree and new memories to celebrate family love.


These are really great pocket watch ornaments, Clarice.


Those are so Lovely.. You should check out my friends blog you would love it...

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