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A Breakfast Tea Menu


I have a week of parties at my home coming up this week. A soup and bread lunch with a dear friend, a afternoon appetizers and muled wine party with girlfriends and a simple breakfast tea with a sweet friend and her hubby. With a bit of planing, a simple menu and a bit of creativity, having others in your home does not have to be stressful (well at lest the cooking part does not, it is the cleaning part that is stressing me ;-) xoxo

Scotch Eggs

Maple Scones

Fresh Fruit w/ Vanilla Greek Yogurt

Chocolate Cherry Fruitcake

Apple Spiced Tea

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Could you please tell me what the china pattern is in the "Breakfast Tea Menu" picture above?

Tierney Barden

How sweet Clarice! You have such a way of making the every day special.


Looks like a wonderful menu Clarice -- lucky, lucky guests!


What a fun idea. You'll have a great time with friends, and the food will be wonderful.


So elegant and what a tasty menu, too. Enjoy!!!


It has been a long time :) Do you remember me, Nerissa, from Deetsa's Diningroom and my Gateau de Harem? I wandered too long from that blog and got more and more iffy about returning to that one. Didn't know what to do for a while but I am starting a new adventure that I hope will keep me posting. I've called it "Yesteryum" and I will be trying to recreate old Victorian recipes into modern parlance. I've only just started. I'd love if you came by for a visit

I have haunted your blog for a while. Haunting is accurate as I never left a message or comment. I am sorry for that. I ought to have.

Do enjoy your parties. Christmas is a time for joy with friends and family. :)

~Nerissa at


How I would love to be at one of your parties! What delicious food!

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