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I confess I am addicted to Pinterest. Not only is it fun but I find really valuble. It is an easy way to file, catagorize and share ideas. Plus I find it is the newest and hottest ideas are on Pinterest, since other blogers are pinning, as they post. So I am starting a new serises, once a week I will post an image, idea, recipe or something I found on Pinterest that just makes me happy. I hope it makes you happy to. This week is wonderful images Doe-C-Doe shares from the French Marie Claire Idees mag. Just charming!!


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very cute


ah so lovely!!!!


Pinterest is rather addictive. I must admit that I have not been on there that much lately...I think I would spend too much time there! xoxo

Children of Eve

Can I pleeease live in this picture!?


love pinterest and this is a sweet one!


Dear Clarice,

I'm going to have to check out Pinterest! I've heard about it, but never tried it.

The picture is just so sweet!




I LOVE Pinterest. Love that photo too! ;-D


Love the photo! And, I am in love with the feather idea! What a clever one! The girls are mah-vo-lous in their Steam Punk attire! I have just learned about this genre! It is so interesting!


I love Pinterest too! Great pic! Love that cape.



Awww!!! Know what is so funny? I am also addicted to pinterest AND I have this image in my pins ;) great minds, right? Are we friends on there? we need to be!


Oh this is just too darn sweet, love it.


Umm I remember this from last Christmas. I love the whole Russian doll article. Actually I think this is the issue you got for me and mailed to me. xxxx00000Wilhemlina

Gumbo Lily

Sweet! This picture makes me happy too.
Do you have to be on Facebook or Twitter to get a Pinterest acct?



I am really enjoying Pinterest, also, Clarice (as you can tell by my repinning so many of your pins!) I look forward to your weekly series!
What a sweet photo you share today ~ so 'Old World' looking!


And how do I find you on Pinterest, Clarice?


I just got on Pinterest and I'm working my way around... figuring out the hows and whys. :)


A lovely little photo!

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