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I always like to have some small keepsake for my guests at holiday dinners. A sweet reminder of the day. Well I am sick, stuck on the couch. I do not feel to bad as long as I do not get up or try to talk (Akk, it is hard not to talk.). So what do I do, I craft! I was inspired by these paper feathers. I used paper from an old book, that with some glue and wire, easy peasy. I changed the shape of the feather a bit. I will write the year on the back of the feathers and I am thinking each person can write one thing they are grateful for on the back of their name.

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As I made these feathers, I have been thinking what am I thankful for? Something besides the big stuff we are all thankful for. Something small, something I overlook all the time and it came to me, my bed. Gosh I spend almost half my life in it. I tell you, every evening when I climb in under my rose covered sheets and sink down in my cozy nest, pulling my down comforter over me, I AM thankful. I always sigh a happy sigh. Add the cold weather and my heated mattress pad, oh yeah baby, my bed is what I am giving thanks for this year. So what is a small, simple thing in your life you are thankful for??

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I've been attracted to those feathers too, and it is a wonderful and generous tutorial that is shared. I love your idea for using them as placecards that can then go home with your guests Clarice.

I sure hope you are feeling much better now.

A small and simple thing I'm grateful for...oh my, there are so many, small and large, but you've asked for small, so I shall pick fresh, clean water to drink. I know, it isn't a small thing, not at all, but so many, take it for granted, yet where there is no water, there is no life.


Gumbo Lily

I really like your feather place card. You have the best ideas!

I, too, am very fond of my bed, and I am always telling Hubs how much I love it when I'm cuddled up next to him. Do you know this poem? I say it sometimes at night when I land....

O bed! O bed! delicious bed!
That heaven upon earth to the weary head.

~Thomas Hood, Miss Kilmansegg - Her Dream

*I am thankful for my electric kettle. What a work horse it is, bringing me my hot coffee and tea day after day! (I'm thankful for bed too)


Tracey McBride~Frugal Luxuries ®

Lovely post Clarice! Like you, my bed is a HUGE blessing...too much so sometimes as it's often hard to leave. ;) We love our mattress topper (memory foam...a Christmas gift from Mike and the girls several years ago). That in combination with cotton sheets and downy comforter make the blessings complete! You are right though, how often we take for granted such gifts. Thanks for the gentle nudge to appreciation.
Love and healing thoughts to you my sweet friend,
P.S, LOVE your clever in every way...recycled...charming...good constantly amaze!


Those feathers are darling!
Hope you feel better soon.


These feathers are BEAUTIFUL, Clarice! I adore them. I definitely want to try them - thanks for sharing the link. :) After being without electricity and heat for 8 days, I am very thankful for those most simple of necessities. I came down with an awful cold because of the lack of warmth. I'm grateful that me and my hubby and dogs are all here and doing ok. :) And I am grateful for all my friends who worried about me and sent along kind, loving thoughts. :) xoxo


Good day Mona, you are so sweet and made my day. (well night, hubby is snoring, so I am up :-) Thank you, thank you.
Actually you have a very good point about the heating mattress pad and there probably is problems with sleeping on them. I thought of this for a while and contemplated if we should get one. Basically for us, it was a choice of what were we gaining and what were we loosing? I decided, to be warm, was more important. I think this is a personal choice. There are lots of things in our life like this. Like should I have a microwave? Or a cell phone? Again what am I gaining, as appose to what am I loosing? My sister will not have one. If your hubby really wants one and you do not, maybe a twin blanket for him would work! I will say also that if you do decide to get one, get the pad, not a blanket. It makes much more sense to have the heat under you, rising up. So I probably did not really answer your question. We are taking a risk but I have to say I ADORE my heating pad even though it may not be the healthiest choice!!
I hope you enjoy the fruitcake. Please let me know what you think. I love feedback on my recipes. Blessings and have Wren day. Clarice


Oh Clarice, this Thanksgiving I am thankful for you and your lovely blog. I always enjoy coming here and leave just a little bit merrier. I will be making the paper feathers (beautiful) and have all the fixings to make your fruitcake recipe this year. Thank you so much. I have a question, though, and I'd really like to hear your thoughts on it. You talk about being thankful for your heated mattress pad. I know you are very health centered and organic. Are you concerned about sleeping on top of those? I ask because I have been afraid of electric blankets and such and my husband has been wanting one so much. What have you read about these electrical warmers.Thanks for listening to me and thanks for your very lovely blog. Mona


That's a wonderful idea!

I don't think Christopher is going to be here Thanksgiving or Christmas. I told him he should let M. have the actual Holidays with her family this year at least.

I've already gone through the "firstborn moving away from home and everything is changing" season.

Instead we will either celebrate each Holiday on a "make-up" day or we will have one big feast on a weekend in December.

I must make these feathers, even if it they will be used at Christmas. :)


A beautiful idea Clarice! Love that plate with the acorns--perfectly fall-ish.
Hope you are on the mend very soon :)


Linda Colantino

A great idea my friend. Fun for a big group! How are you feeling?Don't like that you are sick so often.
The retreat is over...thank the Lord! It was very difficult..will share later.
Miss you.



Love the feathers. I'm thankful for a warm home on a rainy day and for the love that lives inside of it.

Hope you feel better very soon.


I love the feather. I feel the same way when I pull up the comforter that I bought. I'm thankful for my morning cup of tea. Looking forward to it is what gets me out of bed. Mom


Lovely presentation of the feather. What a good craft idea. Hope you are feeling better.


Me too, I give thanks for my cosy warm and safe bed! Sometimes when I am awake in the middle of the night, praying, I remember all those millions of people in the world who just don't have a safe, warm or comfortable place to rest, even when sick in hospital sometimes there aren't enough beds. For us it seems such a taken for granted thing...but how right you truly is a Blessing. I do hope you are feeling better soon, Love, Gill.


That little feather is sooo cute Clarice -- what a wonderful idea. My thankful isn't little -- it's a big one. I'm so thankful for my health -- I see others around me who aren't so fortunate and I realize how truly lucky I am!

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