It Just Makes Me Happy
Blessed Thanksgiving


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Love your daydreaming Clarice. I have to tell you that you are quite blessed and privileged to have a Trader Joe's :) The closest one to us is in Albuquerque about 5 hours away. We went 2 weeks ago and left with 4 shopping bags, making another trip Monday (dr's. appt) and will grab some more things then too!

The Lavender Cocoa sounds wonderful!


Happy Thanksgiving, Clarice! I am eager to try the pull apart herb bread - looks divine!


Happy Thanksgiving dear Clarice.
Love Gill. xxx


Oh, I SO like your daydream! I'll have a slice of cake with that delicious lavender hot cocoa for sure! Let's do it!!! xoxo

Gumbo Lily

A perfect daydream! Thank you for the lovely links!



Looks like a pretty good day you had there anyway.


It was pouring down rain here, too.

It made me really sleepy but I was able to do a couple loads of laundry and simple decluttering of the house.

But I did find time to peruse some old and new Victoria magazines... talk about dreaming. :)


Dear Clarice,

Aren't cloudy days great for daydreaming? I hope that you're back out of the rain by now, enjoying your goodies.




Very dark and drizzly today...I prefer to stay indoors today!
Lovely pictures.


Tierney Barden

Oh, I'm soooo enjoying that day dream with you, Clarice! Can't wait to make the lavender hot coco or the cake, yum!


I think I'd prefer the dream shopping too sweetie!LOL Stay as dry as you can and be careful out there...

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