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Steampunk Girl and Edward Elrik

Steampunk 5

Auberne` and Chloe got invited this weekend to a Steampunk/Cosplay dress-up party.

Steampunk 1

I present Lady Willowet of Atheta. Auberne`, as you can see, had so much fun with the whole steampunk look, which is a look she loves.

Steampunk 2

Can you see her copper painted goggles? Which are really plastic welding glasses.


This is Lady Willowet's ray-gun (All ladies need a ray-gun ;-). Auberne' spent the summer making it. You really cannot see all the detail but it is amazing.

Steampunk 3

And aren't these the sweetest fairy wings? She is my steampunk fairy !!!

Animie 2

I also present Edward Elrick. This is Chloe's favorite Animie character from Fullmetal Alchemist.

Animie 3

I tell you I am impressed how I can just buy Chloe some fabric and with no pattern at all, hand sew a jacket with a hood!! Another matching jacket, trimmed out in seam binding, plus stenciled, all by herself. I have nothing to do with any of these costumes.

Anmie 1

Gosh girls, I swear each year you outdo yourself. I am very impressed with your creativity, effort and craftsmanship. Thank you dear readers for letting me share xoxo


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Wow - the girls both look AMAZING!!!! I adore the steampunk look very much - Auberne really put together a fine costume. The goggles look so cool. :) And Chloe looks fantastic in her anime-inspired costume, too! xoxo


I do not really think I know what "Steam punk" is, though I have seen it on Pinterest. What is it exactly? Help an old lady feel hip! LOL

Tracey McBride~Frugal Luxuries ®

How could they NOT be so creative with you for a mama Clarice!!!
P.S. Am especially loving the copper goggles ;)


Dear Clarice,

I love the costumes, and the creative girls who made them! Such ingenuity is really amazing.




A steampunk party sounds so fun! I hope they had a great time, they are so creative!
Oh, and wanted to let you know that while preorders on my postcards are over, I did order extras and will be listing them in my shop when they arrive in a couple of weeks! :D


Your girls are amazing-- so talented and creative! I love the steampunk fairy wings, and Chloe did such a great job on the jacket!


Great costumes. Your girls are so creative - clearly inspired and encouraged by their mother.


I am totally blow away again by the cleverness of your girls. Made the red coat with no pattern? I must talk to that girl maybe she can teach me how to do this as I've been sewing all my life and can't create w/o a pattern and I'm 70!! Nan


Totally impressed!! :)


Great costumes! I love steampunk, myself. I hope my girls will allow me to take some pictures of their costumes tonight -- they make their's also. My 18 year old can also deconstruct and reconstruct clothing and spent the past week working on a pleated skirt -- no pattern, just an idea in her head. I have no idea where she gets it from, because I don't/can't sew at all! It's funny with these homeschool girls -- they automatically think "how can I make it?", rather than go buy it.


Oh wow! Fantastic! So much fun xxx

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