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So What is Apple Day?


I always get e-mails this time of year asking when and what is apple day? I guess it is a bit confusing, since it is a holiday my family made up. We tend to do that a lot ; -) So here is a few answers.


1. What is apple day? It is a day to enjoy apples. Actually I think it really is about more than apples, well on a deeper sense. It is a day to celabrate the fall harvest and to be thankful. It is a day to enjoy the last moments outside before the cold, and in our case, before constant rain kicks in. It is a day to make family memories. Mostly it is a fun day to bound our family and eat well (I am being honest here!!)


2. Why apples? Apple day started when a now defunct farm opened up in the island selling dozens of amazing heirloom apples. There were so many to try, we set aside an apple night to enjoy them all and it grew from there.


3. What day is apple day? Well it is not a set day because it is important to me we do it on a day where we are not crazy and grumpy. Usually we celebrate at the end of October or the beginning of November, but mostly on a happy day.


4. What are you suppose to do on apple day (and does it have to be a whole day)? Well do what sounds like fun and no it does not have to be all day. For us, every year is different (except for a few rules, look below). Sometimes we spend the day getting apples and cheese, making sauce and canning, or making apple fritters, then dinner. Some years it is just dinner. When the girls were little, we would do crafts but they are too grown for that now. Someday I will have grandbabies to craft with!!!


5. What are the rules? Well these are our family rules, I think you should have your own ; -) but here they are. First NO lights, only candles as soon as it gets dark. Read the same harvest picture book’s we have since the girls were babies. Everyone picks thier favorite from the stack. We have the same meal every year, which is different apples (all labeled, so we can talk about how each one is different from the others), good cheese (especially some sage cheddar), bread, apple sausages, cider and some apple apple dessert. Actually it is a simple holiday but one my girls would never miss, even though they are now little anymore. You can see what we have done in past years here. I hope it inspires you to have an apple day. Ohhh and come back and tell me about yours,I love to hear what others are doing xoxo


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Jenn B

We celebrated Apple Day this past Saturday! Here's my blog-post about how we celebrated this year! Thanks again for sharing the celebration!


What a fun celebration. And the apple should be celebrated hardheartedly.


Oh how fun! So sorry I missed this year's apple day. Can I celebrate late? :) Have a wonderful weekend! xoxo


I love this tradition of your's, Clarice!! Every year I say I am going to do it, but end up not...We are going to the apple orchard this weekend, so I'll have to keep it in mind and buying different varieties of apples.


I've always loved hearing about your special days. This one sounds especially lovely, always, and that meal sounds so very good. I would enjoy that.

I'll give apple day some thought, and perhaps celebrate it sometime in November. A Mrs. Appleyard book would be a nice book to read.


Donna at Mourning Dove Cottage

What a great family tradition!


You made up your own holiday? You rock! :)

Blessings, Debbie

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