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Scalloped Paper Candle Holders

Scalloped paper candles 3 

I wanted a simple, clean centerpiece for my coffee table. I also wanted to use what I had on-hand. This wass so easy. I punched out 5 scalloped 3" circles. I laid them in a row, overlapping them, ran a strip of double sided tape down the center and then taped the row around the glass container.

Scal cand 

Tied it off with some thick, black perle cotton embroidery thread. I also found some old miniature spoons and tucked those into the bow. To keep the beeswax candles up, I just use a ball of sticky wax at the bottom and pour in a bit of water, when I light the candles to catch dipping wax. By the way, do you love my vintage mirror. I got that for my birthday, when we stayed at the ocean. I am besotted!!

Scalloped paper candles 


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A great idea!


What a wonderful idea, Clarice! White decor is just so special. And I agree that your mirror is absolutely lovely! What a great gift!!! :) xoxo


This is a really nice idea Clarice.

I like the idea of trying something similar using "paperdolls" too. I haven't cut any of those in a long time. Holding hands?

Hearts at Valentines day would be lovely too.

Hmmmm, now you've got me to thinking!


I do love your mirror and have been looking for a small round one similar to this.


Dear Clarice,

What a great idea! I really have to get some of those fun paper punches for my girls (and me) to play with. :)



Linda Colantino

Nice did get a nice clean look.
How is everyone doing?
Love, LInda


Very pretty Clarice. And your mirror is gorgeous!


cute idea. the mirror looks great.

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